Fix It

The plan was set. Millie was going to ask Jared about the doctor and when he said no, she’d get Jackson to take her out. Something just didn’t feel right. 

She’d said just yesterday that she was two and a half months along but it looked like she was getting bigger and bigger by the second. The bottom of the situation needed to be reached. 

Jackson agreed unwillingly that she was growing but he didn’t want to give his best friend any more reason to hate him. After all, he’d already gone overboard by threatening him in the hallway earlier. 

Everything was getting out of hand and pretty soon; it would all come crashing down on a sadistic guy, a pregnant girl and two bystanders. But what were they supposed to do? 

Even if Millie and Jackson go to see the doctor, it’s not like that’s going to change anything. They’ll all still be living under Jared’s roof and his attitude wouldn’t change along with Chuck. Jackson’s loft wouldn’t be done till Millie pops probably and the problems are just piling up together. 

There has to be a way to just fix it all.  


The End

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