Something Important

Jackson had Mona prepare a picnic-type lunch for their exploration of Jared’s massive backyard. Yes, it would be difficult to avoid him but it’d also be difficult for him to find them once they were among all the features of his backyard. 

Jared’s mansion backyard seemed more like a girl garden than a guy place. Extravagant flowers and bushes grew almost everywhere and there were several different paths to walk upon. 

Jackson and Millie choose a long one that circled around the whole area, making even bigger than it already felt. They strolled down the path—exercising really—and had time to get away from all of their problems. Problems that needed to be dealt with sooner than later. 

It was late afternoon by the time they decided to stop and eat something. Jackson spread out a blanket and they ate together silently. After lunching on sandwiches, chips and ice tea they leaned back and enjoyed the outdoors. 

When Jackson gazed over at Millie, she was looking down at her stomach. “I feel fat.” 

He laughed at her and she glared. 

“That’s not what I meant. I just mean … I need to check up with the doctor again I think.” 

“And how?” Jackson asked thoughtfully. 

“How what?” 

“How do you think Jared will let you ‘check up with the doctor?'” 

“I don’t know. I’ll just tell him its important or something.” 

“Something important to you means sh*t to him.” 

“I realize that.” Millie snapped, “But I’ll find a way. Because it is important.” She eyed Jackson, a plan already forming in her mind. 

“Oh no. No way in h*ll. I don’t wanna get any further on his bad side.” 

“Isn’t every side his bad side?” 

“Good point.”

The End

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