Jackson waited a while for Millie to come out of the bathroom. When she didn’t appear in almost an hour, Jackson knocked on the door. 

“Yeah?” he could barely hear her whisper. 

“Are you okay?” Jackson asked through the closed door. He wasn’t sure if she had locked it but he didn’t want to just charge in. 

“Fine. You can come in.” He sighed and opened the door slowly. Millie was sitting on the edge of the counter, playing with her fingers. 


“What am I doing here?” she asked either to herself or to him. 

“Uh … I—” 

“You need to take me back. To my apartment. Today.” 

“I can’t do that yet.” 

“Yet?” She looked up with tear-filled eyes. 

“Yet. I … I don’t know what to do. Yet.” Millie didn’t answer him, just glanced back down at her fingers. “Millie, where are your parents?” Jackson asked suddenly. 

She flinched. “Abandoned. Or dead. Whichever.” 

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know—” 

“It’s okay. No one really knows.” 

“Then where are you staying at?” 

“Its my older brother’s apartment. He’s … out of town … this whole week. He travels a lot.” 

“So he won’t know that you’re gone? Until … what’s today?” 


“He won’t know till like Sunday or something?” 

She nodded sadly, hopping off the counter.  

“Well what do you want to do today?” 

Millie shrugged and they strolled out of the bathroom together. She plopped down on his bed with a deep sigh and glanced around Jackson’s room. 

“I could … show you around out back. And avoid the guys.” 

Millie smiled sweetly, “Sounds good to me.”

The End

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