Red-Rimmed Eyes And Plans

Jackson strolled toward the bed to find Millie still on the floor, groaning. She didn’t bother to wipe her tears away, more would come in time. 

“Millie?” Jackson whispered, walking to stand in front of her. She was on her knees, holding onto her stomach and rocking back and forth. 

No answer. 

“Millie, are you okay?” She glanced up slowly. Red-rimmed, glassy eyes looking up to his face but seeing right through him. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing but keeping her baby alive. 

“Yes.” She told him silently. Wiping those red-rimmed eyes but not wiping away the emotions, Millie sniffed. Those eyes of hers were a mixture of sadness, grief, fear, pain—everything that should be dissolved because she’s “supposed” to be having the time of her life. The time of her life when she’s about to bring in another life. But no. 

“You sure?” 

“Yes. Help me up, will you?” She placed her hands in his and he pulled her to her feet. More groans, more aches and pains. “I gotta pee.”  

And off she ran. 

Jackson sighed, sinking down onto his bed. This was going to be difficult. His loft wasn’t going to be ready for a couple more months but how many more months would it be before Millie popped out another person? And how would they live? Where are her parents? 

He made two notes to remind himself of later. One: ask Millie about her parents and two: research pregnancy on the internet. Yes, that’ll be the plan for the day. Oh and also, ignore Jared … and Chuck for the h3ll of it. Just the plans made for a perfect day, right?

The End

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