Millie borrowed some thick sweat pants and wore in the cami under her t-shirt. Jackson wore his underwear and a very muscular bare chest, completely unthinking about what Millie think. An interesting night indeed.  

Millie ended up sleeping in Jackson’s room despite what Jared wanted. Correction—Millie slept in Jackson’s bed. He took to the floor after hearing how Jared wanted to torment her. Still, Jackson could definitely tell that Millie was uncomfortable. She tossed and turned all night, never really falling asleep. And the peeing in the middle of night kept her up too as well as Jackson. They ended up not sleeping much at all. 

But the morning brought more extreme troubles. Jared stormed in furiously and then boiled when he saw Millie in Jackson’s bed.  

“What the?!” he screamed, stepping up to the bed in long strides. 

Jackson got up quickly, trying to stand in Jared’s way but he already made it closer to Millie. Jared glared and with a quick shove, she fell onto the floor on the other side of the bed with a loud thump. Jackson could hear her groaning and he turned to glare back at Jared. 

Jackson snarled, “Bro, what the h3ll is your problem?! Are you just f*cking insane?!” Jackson punched Jared hard but he made no moves back against him. 

Jared did growl and rest his hands on his knees. “I don’t want her anywhere near you.” 

“Then what will you do with her? All the other girls stayed with me.” 

“They were whore$.” Jared stated, his eyes flicking to where Millie lay on the other side of the bed. Luckily, he couldn’t see the waves of tears rolling down her face. 

“And what’s she to you?” Jackson continued in a whisper, trying to pretend like Millie couldn’t hear them at all. 

“A f*ck buddy. Or maybe just the girl I want to tor—” but he didn’t finish his sentence because Jackson lunged toward him. They tumbled into the hallway but Millie could still somewhat hear. 

Jackson must have had Jared pinned down because she heard struggling. And then Jackson’s ominous voice, “I’m done with this sh*t, Jared. Stop screwing over random girls for the fun of it. Once my loft is done, I’m done here. And taking Millie. Watch yourself. I don’t give a d@mn about how great you think you are.” 

And then he walked calmly back into the room. Despite the circumstances.

The End

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