I'll Do Anything

Jackson and Millie had moved into his room for some privacy. He was pacing angrily while Millie followed his movements with her eyes as she leaned up against the wall by the closed door. 

“That’s just sick, you know.” Jackson hissed under his breath. “I can’t … I can’t even understand it.” He spun toward Millie and she jumped. “What.Did.He.Do?” 

Millie shook her head quickly and looked at the floor just as the door opened. It was Jared. “What the hell, Jackson?!” he screamed. “You wanna just give her the chance to run out?” 

“She’s pregnant.” Jackson said in the same hissing tone. “I don’t think she’ll be running anywhere for a couple more months.” Jared huffed loudly and strolled toward Millie. She flinched away. 

“I found some rope.” Jared finally said. 

“For what?” No answer. Just raised eyebrows and Jackson understood. “No. No. Hell no.” 

“Why not? You want to let her get up in the middle of night and leave?” Jared asked annoyed. “Or you like her, Jackson?” 

“No.” he snarled, not once looking at Millie, “But damnit, Jared. She’s all prego.” 

“So?” More raised eyebrows. 

“I was just ... tryin’ not to think of you cruel … but you’re pushing it.” 

“Deal.” Jared went across the room to fetch a chair and then he pushed Millie into it, typing her up tightly. She winced at how the circulation of her blood was slowly stopping in her wrists. Suddenly, Jared slapped her across the face. 

Her head turned and hot tears came rolling down before she could stop them. Her face felt blotchy but she couldn’t move her hands to cup it. Jackson was across the room in seconds. “What the hell?!” 

“What?” Jared shrugged, turning away from Millie. “She slapped me earlier.” 

“So?” Jackson said with raised eyebrows and Jared left the room without another word. 

In the hallway though, they both could hear him say, “I'm warning you now, Jack.” 

Jackson glanced toward Millie as her tears continued to roll down. “Sorry.” 

“No.” she whispered, “I did slap him earlier.” 

Jackson sighed, “I’ll let you out now. Just say you had to pee.” He quickly untied Millie once Jared’s footsteps were silent. Once free, she shook out her hands for a second and then cupped her burning cheek. 

“Thanks.” And with that said, she walked toward the bathroom in the corner of the room—her only escape. Who knows? Maybe there’s a window inside big enough for her to fit through. Or maybe there’s a sink and a toilet and a shower and no window and no escape. No nothing … 


Jackson could hear Millie crying softly in the bathroom. She must have been trying to hide it but not succeeding. He felt oddly sorry for her. The other girls he’s dealt with for Jared never have had as much … depth as Millie. They were all ditzy, mindless whore$. 

But Millie was different. 

And he would do anything to save Millie.

The End

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