Dinner Time

“This is the housekeeper, Mona. Mona, Millie.” Jared said in a bored tone as the all gathered around the set table.

Mona looked short and maybe German. She was muttering something in her language silently before locking eyes with Millie and leaving the room.

Jackson took a seat across from Millie but she moved when Chuck sat down next to her. In the end, Jared was seated at a head of the table with Chuck next to Jackson and him across from Millie. 

“Do you have an uh … pregnancy diet?” Jackson asked nervously. 

Millie nodded and spoke directly to him, “I have a list of ‘eat only’ foods in my apartment. Which means I can’t eat this.”

“We’ll get your list.” Jared growled, chomping down on the yummy chicken that Mona had cooked. 

“No!” Millie argued, “You … you won’t know where it is.” 

“You will tell us.” 

“No I won’t. I’m not staying here.” 

“Yeah huh.” Chuck interrupted with a laugh before continuing to eat without another word after one look at outraged Jared. 

“You will stay here and we will get your stuff.” Jared said in a 'I’m getting the last word' tone. 

“No.” Millie continued, “I will not!” She looked at Jackson but his face screamed stop it. Calm down. He would do soemthing later she guessed just to reassure herself. Millie glanced down at the food then as silence settled. 

After a few minutes Chuck asked, “So where’s she sleeping? My bedroom door’s always open, you know.” He winked at Millie and she pretended to gag.

Jared still wasn’t in the joking mood. “The guest room next to my room. So don’t try anything, okay?” Millie didn’t answer him and he continued to eat like it didn’t matter if she did. That would be aggravating. 

“I’m not eating.” Millie announced. 

“Starve then.” Jared snarled before shoving his chair back loudly. He got up, pushed it under the table and in a lower voice said, “I wouldn’t care.” But everyone heard him. And maybe that’s what he had wanted.

The End

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