“Well?” Millie pressed on.

Jackson looked away and she could tell he was trying to compose his face. He finally replied, “Jared’s got a … cruel mind.”

“Mhmm, so I’ve known. But what does that mean?” 

“I … he … well, I’m not supposed to tell you.” He locked eyes with her. 

“Which doesn’t mean you won’t.” 

“He’s just … planning stuff. Nothing to worry about. I won’t let him hurt you. Not like before.” 

“You were at the party.” Millie stated. Not a question, just a confirmation. Jackson nodded slowly, looking away again. 

“I didn’t … he was drunk.” 

“In the past. Oh well.” She whispered. “So you promise?” 


“That you … won’t let him … hurt me? Please.” Ah, how the begging comes back. 

“Promise to do whatever I can to help.” 

“You always this nice to girls?” Millie joked to move away the tense air.

“I was … raised … to be polite. Unlike Jared and Chuck.” He snickered, shaking his head at some memory. 

“Sounds interesting.” Another voice said suddenly. Chuck. He had been standing in the doorway and they hadn’t even known. “Just for your information, I had training to be this good.” He walked inside, sitting down on the floor next to Millie. She slithered away from him and he laughed. “Ah come on. I’m not that bad. Not bad like Jared, right?” 

Millie didn’t answer. 

“Shut up, Chuck.” Jackson said in a bored tone. They sat in silence for a little while before Jared strolled in, completely recovered from earlier.

“The housekeeper has got dinner.” He said with a snarl, looking right at Millie. “See? I’m not all that bad.” Then, they all followed him up the stairs to eat. But who knows what dinner will bring.

The End

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