The Biggest Party Of The Year

Jackson came back into the room then. He glanced around, guessing what was going on. To keep the peace, he said calmly, “Hey Jared.” 

“Jackson.” Jared said back without glancing his way. He gazed at Millie and then her hands. He eyed her suspiciously for what felt like a whole hour before turning away. 

Silence. “Chuck, you’re such an idiot!” Jackson screamed, breaking the silence. He walked to join the three people. “I can’t believe you can be stupider than before!” 

“Calm down, Jack. I got this.” Jared whispered coolly. The voice said don’t mess with me. He turned to Chuck. “You wanna know why she’s screaming so loud?” he murmured, “Because every time you kick her, you’re killing her baby. She's pregnant, damnit. And I thought you guys were smarter.” 

Jared looked back at Millie but her eyes were closed. That didn’t mean she couldn’t feel his stare though.

Jackson whispered something to break the silence again but Chuck just breezed out of the room. Maybe he felt so horrible that he’d go kill himself Millie thought which made her smile. 

But then Jared turned his glare to her and walked over. “Jackson, give us a minute.” He mumbled and then there were two. 

Millie stood up slowly and snapped, “You didn’t have to tell them.”

“What? So you enjoy Chuck hurting you? I could bring him right back in here. You know I can stand to watch that.” 

“That’s why your face was turned with disgust when he kicked me, right?” 

“Shut up, Millie.” He rolled his eyes, moving to stand directly in front of her. 

“So what now? You got me here? What do you want?” 

“To be apart of the baby’s life.” Jared whispered in shame. 

“Ha! No. I’m giving it up for adoption anyway. Or I think so.” 

Jared cupped Millie’s chin so she had to stare at him. “It’s my baby too.” 

She pulled away forcefully. “Then you must remember how I got it.” 

Jared rolled his eyes yet again. “Oh come on. I was immature. Bored. It was no big deal, just the biggest party of the year.” 

“No it’s not that simple, Jared. That’s not all it was. Don’t you remember?” She asked while his eyes narrowed. “You were drunk. I didn’t even know you. My friend invited me to the party and I didn’t even know it was your house. But somehow when I was taking shots in an empty bedroom, you walked in. You locked the door and said let’s sex baby.”

“Shut up, Millie.” 

“No!” she screamed, “You do remember! And then I said no thanks but you walked toward me, knocking the shot glass out of my hand. Bits of broken glass fell to the floor but you ignored them. You shoved me down to the floor at your knees and said go but I said no.”

Tears were running down her face now but she didn’t care.

“But you … forced me. and I hadn’t wanted to.”

“You know d@mn well you did! Any girl would want me.”

“Oh don’t be such a pig! You’re not that great!”

“Really? Because, hmm, I do remember us having sex that night.”

“Its can’t be sex if its rape.” She argued, her face turning red but Jared just shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh well. You’re already prego for a couple months and …. Hmmm, what cops have you told about your so-called rape story? None. That’s right. Because you know its not true and you’re afraid of me. Face it, Millie. I almost killed. You should be thankful I didn’t that night and won't now.”

Millie glared at him, deep in thought. Finally she whispered, “I would have rather died than have to crawl out that two story window again, leaving most of my clothes and running home in the freezing cold November.”

“By the way, I still have your panties.” Jared said with a laugh and that’s when she slapped him.

The End

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