Laced Fingers

To prove Millie’s thoughts were right, Chuck slapped her across the face once Jackson was gone. She groaned, falling to the floor and landing like a cat on her hands and knees.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She taunted and Chuck laughed loudly.

He walked toward her slowly, kicking her hard in the stomach. Millie covered her scream up as tears clouded her vision. She wiped them away quickly and her hands unknowingly rested on her stomach. Fingers laced together, but Chuck wouldn’t understand that. Still, she removed her hands.

“Fine.” She huffed, “Have it your way.” She stood up slowly as Chuck watched, waiting to see what she was about to do. Which was nothing and they both knew it. He chuckled again, backing her up against the wall.

“You’re trying to act brave. Haven’t got any acting classes, huh?” Chuck said leisurely, his nose practically pressed against hers.

“I’m not afraid of you if that’s what you’re getting at.” Millie said confidently. “Why would I be scared of an ugly punk like you? Rest assured, I’m not.” In truth, Chuck was … kind of hot. Dirty blonde hair, blue piercing eyes and a nice body. But whatever.

“Well, you should be.” His big fingers came up to grab her face, squeezing her cheeks so she couldn’t really talk. Her face began to turn red but she looked at Chuck with unafraid eyes. On the inside though, she was fighting the need to flinch away. Teeth clenched and eyes leveled, Millie nervously waited for him to lose interest and release her.

Over Chuck’s shoulder, there was sudden commotion. Someone running toward them. They hit target, slapping Chuck hard. He let Millie go as she slid to the floor, keeping her eyes closed as a foot struck her chest. She screamed, her hands flying over her stomach again. Protecting.

“Damnit Jackson!” Chuck yelled, “You ruin all my fun.”

“Keep your hands off her.” A different voice hissed viciously and Millie opened her hazel eyes to look up at Jared.

The End

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