I Got A Feeling

Jackson continued an affective threat. “If you lay one more hand on her, I swear your sorry @$s will be dead. Do not test me, Chuck. I’ve been with Jared longer than you have and his business with girls is not something to f*ck around with. Come on. And don’t touch her.”

The clock said 11:04 p.m. before Jackson turned off the car. He walked to the backseat in the darkness, opening the door on Millie’s side as Chuck got up, grumbling, from the other.

“I won’t hurt you.” He reassured her as she stepped out cautiously. In the back of her mind, Millie wondered how far she could get running before they caught her. Or … before Jared showed up. She shuddered and Jackson’s expression softened. “I won’t. Seriously.”

He must have thought she was shuddering from of his words because on the walk up the front steps, he set himself between her and Chuck. “Blindfold.” Chuck said suddenly, handing something to Jackson.

Millie panicked but Jackson’s hand gripped her arm. Not in the fierce way like Chuck though. And this calmed her a little bit as they entered Jared’s massive mansion.

Along with the idea of running away, Millie pondered more things. Why would they blindfold her if she knew where they were going? Why would they try to cover her eyes if she knew about every inch of this mansion? Jared’s mansion.

“Stairs.” Jackson told her, his arm on hers, guiding her. Chuck snorted but then they reached their destination. The blindfold came off and they stood inside one of the four basement living rooms. The ceiling was somewhat high and Millie looked over her shoulder at the stairs they had strolled down on.

The stairs and the ceiling gave the room a strange appearance. It seemed way smaller than it really was. Or maybe it was small for a reason— “Does this mean I get to tie her up?” Chuck asked with fake enthusiasm.

“No. Jared is coming right now. But … I gotta pi*s.” He narrowed his eyes at Chuck, who raised his hands in surrender.

“What? I said I wouldn’t do anything. I won’t.”

Jackson left the room hesitantly and Millie wished he wouldn’t go. Just some feeling … Chuck doesn’t seem like the type to keep his promises.

The End

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