Get Ready

“Come out come out where ever you are.” Chuck whispered viciously, prancing up and down the dark apartment hallway. A goal on his mind, a task to succeed, Chuck chanted his sadistic words again. They were words that could make any person tremble with fear, feeling colder than the January frosty night air. 

Like Millie. Hidden behind a fairly large plant, hand clamped over mouth, she waited until his footsteps echoed away. Unfortunately, they were getting closer and closer. Millie’s foot slipped in nervousness and Chuck turned around to lock evil eyes with her just before she bolted away. But he was faster. 

He tackled her quickly, pinning Millie to the ground. She tried to scream but his hand came down over her mouth as she struggled to get him off. With his strong hands holding her, Chuck snickered. “Finally got you. Jared will be happy now.” 

Chuck couldn’t see but Millie’s hazel eyes widened in terror from the very idea of facing Jared again. It never seemed like a possibility but now this horrendous Chuck is making all the nightmares come true. And that’s not how it’s supposed to happen in fairytales. 

Time to come face-to-face with the truth: Millie Lane’s life is probably the farther possible thing from a fairytale. For several months she’s lived in despair, her emotions controlled by hatred and disgust, all directed toward Jared. Seeing his face again would confirm everything that happened in the past between them was in fact, all true. 

And that’s definitely the last thing Millie wanted to find out and … unfortunately, the first thing on Chuck’s list of things to do. Get ready.

The End

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