One drink turned to three, three turned to five, which eventually turned into a song that I generously gifted my vocals to my companions.

I would give you one of my beers, but I’ve only got six!” I hiccupped involuntarily.

Bernie was laughing hysterically, playing with the cherry in her drink.

Jonathan has let one of his rare snickers escape, the ones that seemed to only reveal it when in a drunken state.

I would but I don’t like to share, and I’ve only got six!”

“You know you have had too much when you start singing Déjà voodoo.” He managed to contribute.

Zack remained quiet, letting the spirits cloud his senses. Even through my singing antic’s, I couldn’t help but notice this. It was so instant too, as soon as the vodka danced around his tongue, his caring personality seemed to disappear, and reveal a rather emotionless figure in our group. But then again, any forms of spirits or beer would change your form of communication.

But even in a drunken state, I would have thought your calm and collected self would be affected somehow, negatively or no.

And yet he didn’t even sway.

As the hours raked by, the alcohol began to consume us deeper into a dizzy realm of which we wouldn’t want to escape. And even if we wanted to, it seemed impossible, we were too deep for any rescue, And Zack was deeper even more so.

Jonathan bought three more rounds of drinks that night. It was if it were in front of us, we would swallow it, even though we felt the bile seeping upward our throats. Music filled our ears and the loud hum of the other pub attendees of Illicit was deafening. As time went by, the people began to wither, and our eyes began to grow heavy.

Past midnight, I let my eyes gaze through the pub windows, concentrating my eyes really hard. The streets of Regois were cloaked black, and few of the street lights and buildings were still aglow. I could help but let my drunkenness affect my thinking

‘Why….is it so dark??’ I whispered with effort.

I pouted after that. Even I thought that sounded stupid.

Even through the dark, I saw something that broke me out of my concentration.

A gleam of white light.

I squeezed my eyes, hoping they were not deceiving me.

There it was again, a shine, similar to that of a reflection of a mirror or metal or something reflective.

My teeth dragged against my bottom lip nervously. I hadn’t been outside since we entered the Illicit, so I wasn’t aware of how the weather was acting up. It was dull, like it usually was. Cloudy and grey. It may have been a gust of wind that blew around some foil wrapper.

Yes, that sounds logical.

Seconds went by, and I didn’t see the gleam again.

Maybe the breeze was calming itself a bit.

But still.

“What do you fucking mean you won’t sell us anymore, Rob?”

The sharp sound of Jonathans aggravated voice snapped me back into reality, turning my head to the source.

“Look, kid, I ain’t gonna serve you if you lot are intoxicated out of your god damn mind, you hear?” the middle aged bartender replied, not letting Jonathans intimidating voice sway him.

“That not a fucking excuse!” Jonathan seethed, his fist colliding hard on the counter. “We’re your best customers, Rob! We’re the only ones here, give us a fucking break!”

“Look, I have your best needs at heart, and believe me when I say that you have had too much, and you know my policy.” He said sternly.

Jonathan’s teeth were grinding in frustration. He looked ready to take a staggered swing at his friend, but was halted by a more or less sober Bernice, holding his arms back down to his sides, which he eventually allowed.

“I’m sorry Rob, Jonathan just needs a lie down.” She managed to say, giving him a warning look, before smiling apologetically at the bartender.

He nodded with appreciation, and then looked towards the clock above the bar. It read 2:00 am.

“I can only recommend a late night, or in your case, an early night.” He mused.

I shook my head to gather my lost senses. “Yeah, I think that would be best.” I turned to Zack, who continued to make eye contact with the bottom of his shot glass. “You ready?”

He refused to answer with words, but he responded with a nod.

That sort of acknowledgement deserved a smack upside the head, but it did seem a little inappropriate.

Something must be plaguing his mind, and I wouldn’t want to disturb him. I owed him that much, with everything I had laid upon him today.

My eyes gazed back through the window.

I didn’t know why, but that gleam intrigued me so.

The End

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