The LetterMature

His hand reached out to mine and prodded it gingerly, curious and cautious. The sudden physical contact made my head whip around to his caring gaze, as well as a deep sickness cradling my stomach.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

I bite my lip, attempting to pierce my nerves, but to no avail. My gaze rest on his hand linked flesh with mine, trying to hide my defenses.

I let my unoccupied hand reach into the pocket of my green rain jacket, letting my hand feel and identify the contents. Searching deeper, the tips of my fingers recognize the object in questioning. With a full grip, I pull the item out, dropping it carelessly on the glossy wooden café table and sliding it under Zack’s view.

With a curious raise of a brow, Zack lifted it up and inspected the front and back with questioning.

“A letter?”

My eyes meet his once again, and my mouth desperately searches for any form of liquid to quench my dry lips; I dab them lightly with the tip of my tongue. He gives me an eye of permission, and I nod to give him the ‘all clear’.

Fumbling to open up the flap of paper, Zack pulls the folded letter out of the envelope, placing its casing down on the table. Unfolding the letter and straightening my previous clenched paper marks on its edges, he begins to read the information clearly.

With his eyes squinted, he scanned the page from side to side; I waited for his reaction with uneager anticipation. His eyes as they read the letter didn’t stay the same for long; widening by the second, he then finally putting the letter back on the table with his mouth agape, staring into me as if he were about to weep.

“To sum it up,” I began, letting my nerves get the better of me.”That letter was from the Regois hospital. It’s the results from my last visit.”

My fingers clench in and out, finds the best words to become explanatory.

“It seems my medication has been successful for me.”

My eyes catch with his.

“I’m no longer barren; I’m fertile.”

I gesture my eyebrows at the letter, and he swallows deeply as he blinks in disbelief. He attempts to speak, but his words fail to pass his mouth, opening and shutting with uncertainty.

The silence is murderous, and a ball begins to swell in my throat. It’s awkward pain almost unbearable.

“I know, huh?” I broke the hush serenely.

Now it was Zack’s turn to control the tremble in his lip with his teeth. He inhaled deeply with his nose, while running a hand through his hair. He finally let himself slump in his chair, feeling defeated.

“Wow.” Was all he could manage to converse.

He let go a shaky breath, a smile forming in his features, growing wide. So wide I thought his face would split in two. To finish the picture, his eyes involuntarily grew misty and red.

Without warning, ignoring the table barrier between us, he leaped from his seat and reached over the table and food, wrapping his arms around my shoulders in a tight embrace. Completely unprepared by his signs of affection, my bodies reflex seconds before cause me to lean back by Zack’s height and weight above me.

My chair however had other ideas, And sent me and Zack falling downward, colliding with the café floor, while Zack’s legs dragged the contents of his half eaten curly fries and my untouched avocado salad; The food smearing over the floor, our hair and clothes. I flinch at the contact and fell on my back, dragging the weight of Zack with me.

His realization and common sense kicking, Zack lifted himself from my body and sat across from me, his face flustered and smeared with ketchup. Still affected by shock, I rose from the floor using my elbows for leverage, trying my best to ignore the leaves of moist lettuce clinging to my hair and forehead.

His face said it all; he was thrilled, yet frightened by his expression of affection. More or less, he was scarred for my initial response; scarred if it meant forgiveness or murder.

My hand reached out to Zack’s face, my expression calming. With my index finger, I wiped off a trail of ketchup dribbling from his chin. Face dumbfounded and priceless, Zack’s eyes followed my gestures. I, to his surprise, brought my covered finger to my lips, casually licking away the sauce, letting my lips pout as I judged the flavor; salty tomato with a zing of onion and chili.

His eyes catching with mine and his eye brow rising in an arc, it was clear he was baffled and confused.

A sensation cradling my stomach proved too much, and I smirked, slowly letting it climb up my throat and consume me. Seeing my humor, Zack let his body shake with a chuckle. Like an infectious disease, we let our backs hit the floor as we tried to hold our guts in our explosion of laughter, caring not of the food staining our clothes. All the while the other people in the café, both workers and customers, stared in awe at the bizarre scene before them. We didn’t care, I didn’t care; there was nothing that was going to bring me to the brink of depression at this point, not the complications of reality, individuality or perfection. Not even the pitiful attempts of teaching by Dr ‘Dumb arse’ Cohen.

At this moment, we were one. We were friends.

We were happy.


A/N: whew! im glad i got that done. just a quick note to say that you might be impatient with the speed of this story, but i assure you, this is all necessary to understand the full idea. with that said, the debut of the specture Seth and his baton blades is not too far away, so you needent worry. in the mean time, you can ponder as to why our Lee was infertile in the first place, and why its important.


The End

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