"I don't know whether to feel thankful or disturbed on the notion that you have been watching me since my mother bore me..." I replied honestly.

"Completley understandable, Ms Engle."

I huffed a little in annoyance, sending Seth a bitchy glare "Okay, first off all; cut the formality crap; i don't do titles, they piss me off and make me sound like a pompous cunt. And secondly, i don't go by a second name basis. please, call me Kaylee, cause that's what it says on my birth certificate."

"I am just being respectful, my lady." Seth replied with a cocky grin.

"Well, its going to waste, so fuck up."

"My, my. Such venom...Kaylee."

"I can be as vicious as i want to. I'm entitled, don't you think?"

The End

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