We are all in costume.

No matter how strong we stand, how proud we look, or how joyful we speak; we are all hiding something from the public view. to expose ourselves is to show weakness, and to do so gives permission for those to exploit it.

Seth is in costume. He may stand wielding immense power in his stance, appear as dark as the void, speak a calm and collected voice; yet underneith milky eyes and all the black wrappings is a supernatural being that has a very human emotion.

Even the strongest can feel homesick.

I still didnt know how old Seth was, but with the almost unbelievable - okay, maybe completley unbelievable- past events that he explained with his calm tongue, i felt like i didnt need to. it went without saying almost.

He has wondered this earth for so long he cant remember; trapped away from a home...that i cant even describe, because he hasnt explained it, and i hadnt asked. i would have to remind myself later that that would be another question on a list a mile long that he would have to answer.

that's why when he said his people couldnt return home it made me question.

"Why can't you go home?"

"For a few decades when people knew we existed, we asked ourselves that same question. the same device that brought us to this world was thought to bring us back from wence we came, but alas, no success."

"Do you know why?"

Seth looked at me with worried eyes "Now, i want you to understand something Ms Kaylee, I've known you since you left your mother's womb. I've watched you grow up from a small child to a very clever woman. of all my centuries of wondering, it has been watching over you that has made the past twenty years the longest of my existance. making sure that you dont become sick, lose any blood from your tender flesh, and above all else; that you do not lose your hold on your soul."

When Seth said that he was my own guardian angel, he clearly wasnt joking. making sure i dont get sick? this strangley made sence since ive never experienced a cold or anything contageous; in short i never got sick. Was this Seth's doing?

Growing up, i never felt alone.

Because it felt like i was being watched.

And i was.

The End

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