"If humanity wasnt going to truley appreciate the gift of life, then the Grand lord would take it back. by any means."

"And did it find those means?"

"Of course. as soon as it made this decision, it had a plan. it would give life to the next newly born human, and on the event of its death, the lord would escape and wreck havoc."

I felt a little sick. my skeptical mind was screaming at me to not believe any of the bullshit that this creature was telling me, but when i looked at Seth's stance and the way he spoke, i couldent help but consider that he might be telling the truth. he was speaking of something that was very close to him personally.

"The grand lord did give life to a human; a female. Years went by and the spirit lay dorment until the fateful day when she would pass, but what made this very strange was that days before her death, the female herself was due to give life."

"She was pregnant?"

Seth inhaled deeply.

"In her labours, the loss of blood proved too great, and...she passed. the moment she lost her hold on life, the spirit escaped and commited the acts it had planned. it was catastrophic."

I reached out my hand to hold Seth's as a sign of comfort for him. As soon as i did so, Seth eyes's gazed to me, stunned, and lay his eyes at the physical conection i had inniciated. in a way, i stunned me too that i would do such a thing. this creature i only met an hour ago is telling me his life story and im acting as if him. His sorrowful, milky gaze was so compelling it was hard not to stare.

This was scaring me, just a bit too much.

"It seemed that every human that the grand lord touched, their souls were ripped from their flesh, and each spirit released joined the grand lord in its purging. Spirits wernt exactly living beings so humanity had no means to defend themselves.

"This war continued for years, until a handful of humans fought back. the woman who had the grand lord as her spirit? her baby survived; a boy. when he reached adulthood, he and several couragous humans set to craft a device, a device that could do something once thought impossible..."

Thats where Seth stopped, his speech halting.

"Seth," I began with a sigh, squeezing his hand gently for good measure. "I-If its too difficult for you to retell, i dont want to pressure you-

"No, Ms Kaylee," Seth quickly injected, "I want to tell you, it just feels...odd talking to a human."

I gave him a raised brow.

He shrugged "Im a spectre. why does it surprise you that i havent talked to humans before?"

I thought again, and laughed quietly. "I guess you've got a point there."

Our hands still connected, i chose to keep the story going "What did the people do?"

Seth's eyebrows furrowed "They contacted my kin. They knew that they were powerless to defend themselves, so using black magic, they crafted a device that could make the dead become 'vessels' for us."

"Vessels? i dont follow."

"Put it this way; water without a glass is fluid, unholdable. in this sense, a spirit is the water, and a dead body is the glass. The pitcher pouring it is the device. and we, my kin, pass through the pitcher and become one with the body, and come alive."

I groaned a little in frustration "gahhh, answering a question with an analogy? your turning an awful shade of vague," I pouted a little in thought, "It kinda suits you." I mused.

Now it was Seth's turn to raise a brow.

I sigh, "So let me get this straight: in simple words, theres a random dead body on the floor, then a spirit comes waltsing in, completly oblivious, then some dudes jump in out of no where, holding this device that forces the spirit to enter the dead body, you see this invitation, miraculously posses the body and voila! your ready to hack and slash at your leisure?"

"Hmmmm...not at our leisure, no." Seth replied, looking unamused.

"But im right, arnt I?" I grinned

It was Seth's turn to groan "As much as i hate to admit it, yes."

I chuckled a little. "Good."

With the small smile on his features slowly dissapearing, Seth continued "With a capturing of a loose soul, they fused it back into a dead body, using the device as a gateway. when the bodies was united with a soul , my kin awoke in each one, and were under oath to fight for the humans."

"The humans could not fight for themselves, but we could. our enchanted blades glew white from spiritual power and were strong enough to put the souls to rest. we did however have our difficulties with the grand lord of course, and it took many years and several of us to fight it, and all we would leave was a mark."

"Did you win?"

"Of course we did. your people wouldnt be living if we hadnt. With the grand lord banished, my kin had saved humanity. But there was a price."


"My kin couldnt return home."


this chap feels a little sloppy IMO, but when this stry is written fully i will tweak and do better :)


The End

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