After i let loose the demon in my fist on the side of Seth's head...several times...i felt immensley better, and calm enough to hear what Seth had to say. Though i think he should have said it first thing, but hey, better late than never.

"You hit pretty hard for a human." He mused.

"Clearly not hard enough." I smirked.

The great weight of hair that was once on my head has dissapeared, and it was hard to get used to. i mentally noted to myself that i would need it proffesionally cut after this, knowing full well that it must be a total mess right now. usually i didnt care too much about the way i looked, not really giving a damn about what other people thought. but just for once i thought that maybe i needed to look...presentable; to continue my role as another sheep in the crowd.

Being with this spectre however certainly didnt give me that shade of white.

We both opted to sitting, with predictions that this would be a long story.

"Where to begin... its been so long im not sure it would be exact for detail."

I motioned my hand as a signal for him to go on. i could tell from his eyes that whatever happened that resulted in...this, was very close to him personally.

"I...I stoppted counting after the first two."


"Centuries" He corrected.

Strangley, the answer didnt seem to surprise me.

"How old are you?"

"I stopped counting remember? but im as old as when this first began."

"What began?"

Seth furrowed his brow. this was clearly bothering him and i wondered if this was such a good idea "How about a differant approach; Kaylee, have you ever asked yourself "Why are we here?""

"Of course," I answered simply. "So has every human who has existed, and humanity has been searching forever to answer that question. sure there are people who say they have found it, but they always lead to trouble, and we've proven time and time again of that fact."

"Hmmm..." He pondered as he progressed my answer. "What if i were to tell you that I know it?"

"Know what?"

"The answer."

"Then i would say that your crazy, but with the few minutes i have spent with you, I could believe anything, could I?"

He chuckled warmly, and i knew it would be a thing i would gladly get used to. i was pleased i made him feel more comfortable; it meant that he could continue his story...which i noticed he hadent really begun.

"To put it simply; We are nothing without spirits."

"Spirits?" I asked, curious "You mean like, ghosts or something?"

"Yes. an essence that posses the physical form. without it, we are immobile; unable to feel emotions, communicate. in short, without spirits, we wouldnt be living."

My silence as i drank in his every word was encouragment for him to continue.

"Everything has a creator of some sort. weither it be a childs mother or a contraptions inventer. The spirits are no exception. They are born and are under the control of one being. a god, if you will. This being is known by the name of The Grand Lord Spirit.

"His Highness let his children bring life to the dead world at the beginning of time. but it noticed something. it noticed something that humanity over the centuries of existence are capable of."

"What?" I absently asked.

"Mass genocide over nothing. It asked itself 'why do I give life to that which is not living, just for them to end each other's lives over nothing?'"

"People dont kill each other over nothing."

Seth winced slightly, but continued, "The lord clearly didnt see it that way. and so it decided to take back what was rightfully its."

"You dont mean-

"Oh I do, It wanted to take the gift of life away from humanity."


Confused by the tile of this chapter? Thanados is an angel of death in greek mythology and his role mirrors that of the grim reaper. im trying to lightly hint that the grand lord spirit behaves like the angel of death in the sense of the word.
Seth wincing is a little hint over my belief's, but i wont go into detail. having said that, you can ask and i will tell, but just to be clear i dont shove my beliefs down peoples throats, provided that they dont do the same. your entitled to what you believe in, and so am i.
lol, ive ranted too much. next chap coming soon.

The End

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