Determining that we had won the race to freedom, we finally came to a stop. Seth had, but i was in a world of my own. he landed in a light huff before flipping his open baton blade back behind his elbow and waited for a few seconds, observing the area for saftey before putting me down on the top of some structure, that i determainted was a chruch after noticing the cross mounted on its steple. how fitting.

When he let me go, i seemed to forget that i had legs under me, and i couldnt help but collapse on the tiled floor. Seth came to my rescue, and shifted me up against the wall so i could sit.

I felt groggy was putting it mildly. i was phisically and mentally tired, all over again; but this time it was for a completly different reason. my head was humming with so many questions and fears that i would have gladly opted for a shotgun to the head just to make it shut up.

Seth just stood there, acting the way he did when he first picked me off the face of the earth and into this unfamiliar universe. He was observing me with silent curiosity, not letting a word pass his black veil.

In a way it pissed me off.

I could hear leather straining as Seth coiled his fingers in and out. he was putting his weight on one foot, then a second later he would swap them over. at one point i noticed his eyes shift almost...awkwardly. was he getting nervous? for what ever reason? this action seemed to infuriate me even more, and i couldnt help but snap a little.

"W-what? say something!" i growled, pounding my closed fists so hard on the tiled floor, i felt the roof rumble slightly, and so did Seth. that action alone made his eyes clash with mine. Im fustraited beyond believe and i wanted him to know that it is because of him im like this. "You seriously have some explaining to do, you fucking cock!"

He winced just a little, letting go a ragged breath he was holding.

"Ms Engle...Ill explain eventually, i owe you that much, but...there is something you should know..."

"What?" i snapped, choosing not to back down on my attitude.

He exhaled once more, and motioned his hand with a bowed head, as if raking his brain for the correct use of vocabulary.

Eventually he found it, but it it sounded awkward; alot like his stance.

"Ms Kaylee" he began with his usually calm husky voice " you feel...lightheaded...?"

I looked at him blankly with a raised brow. i was not expecting a question like that...Yes i still felt the buzzy effects of the alcohol i consumed an hour ago. Yes i still felt numb in the fingers for holding so tightly for so long. Yes i was confused as to why this creature saved me from my own demise, having my questions not even at the brink of being answered, and being tossed and turned as we dodged weapons being thrusted and thrown at me from all angles while being chased for 20 minutes by cloaked, bloodthristy psychopaths! I. AM. PISSED. Was he dense or something? What he said made no sense whatso ever! I so wanted to get up and slug him, but i was too tired to take up the idea.

"I...I dont follow..." i answered truthfully through gritted teeth.

"How about this then; Do you feel like...your missing something?"

Now i was really lost. i was raking my hair trying to figure out what he meant. 'light headed'? 'missing something'? what what he try to tell-

My face changed to complete confusion, then a split second of understanding, then total shock.

I raked my fingers through my hair till they reached the ends...which were much shorter than i remember, and they had somehow lost the elastic band keeping them together.

"M-MY HAIR!" I shrieked, bringing the cut ends as close to my face as i could, observing them in horror. I seemed to almost not give a shit about Seth's hints earlier and just went into total freak out mode.

"It seems that one of our 'followers' must have severed it without you noticing." Seth injected.


"Now thats not appropriate use of language near such a holy sanctum, my dear." Seth chuckled.


I eventually did get up for a brief moment to punch him in the face, and Seth welcomed it, knowing full well he deserved it, but to him it was probably a punch from a baby duckling.


The End

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