My fingers were numbing as they continued to clench tightly into Seth's shoulder. Seth never slowed his sprint, and Loki and Hel never halted in their pursuit. Seth was grunting quietly with every stride he made, but other than that he showed no signs of tiring.

The city surrounding us seemed unaware of the deadly race occuring within itself. these spectre's moving like shadows would leap from building to building, and escape into the night unnoticed. the side of Regois we strode were the slums of the city, mostly occupied by the poor and drug addicted citzens, so even if they did see something, who would believe them?

I knew there would be no human help for me. And even if there was, how would they be able to catch up to these determined creatures? or even engage in combat with them, and win?

Hel managed to take some form of a shortcut after we leaped off the empty motor way, and appeared in front of Seth's path, wearing a manic grin and gripping her Si's tightly, ready to strike.

As Hel raised her blade's to slash skin and bone, Seth bent his body down, letting his heel of his boot and hand skid against the slippery gravel underneith. slidding on the pavement dangerously close to Hel's feet, Hel thrusted her blades, hoping to catch flesh, but gasped sharply, losing balance when Seth clipped her shin with his shoulder. As Seth gained momentum, he rose his body up again, landed on his unequipped hand and flung his body upward in a flip, with me in tow, connecting the heel of his leather boot to Hel's forehead. Landing with a full summersault, Seth gained balance once again, and ran without halt down the alley.

Hel was bewildered, and the wind had clearly been knocked out of her when Loki arrived to assist, admitting defeat, for now.

Hel was swearing in an untranslatable language as she clenched her throbbing forehead, which was gushing with a neon glowing liquid, dripping down her veil.

Loki lifted Hel up to her feet, and stopped her when she tried to run again, "Hel, theres no point. let him run for now, like the fucker always does. in the end, he cannot escape fate."

Hel shook of Loki's grasp on her shoulders, and stared down the alley at the pair dissapearing into the night.

She was shaking. in both pure adrenaline and white rage. Her brother was almost within finger length, but he managed to slip away once again.

That, oddly, wasnt what occupied Hel's wrath.

Hel looked over the wet gravel near her feet, looking for her twin blades lost in the mist of the small fight. finding them not far from each other, she  also found something unexpected. covering one of her Si's in a heap was a brown mass, almost like a tail. picking it up, she inspected it further.

Loki was very curious with what had caught his companion's undevided attention so easiley. she noticed the black elastic hoop keeping it in place, and let her eyes notice the muddied water soaked through it excreet into drips that fell to the gravel.

She gripped it tighter as her anger rose, and the drips grew larger.

"That whore...will pay for taking him away from me..."

Loki stared at Hel for a moment with a raised brow, but his neon eyes rose and narrowed as he displayed a wicked grin, and let a cold cackle warm his throat.

The End

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