The SprintMature

Feeling the familiar scrapping of wind against skin, we made our quick decent to the pavement below. with me over his shoulder, he landed on his hands and knees with a loud slap of mud and water. knowing that the noise of his landing alone would would provoke his persuers, he broke out in a sprint down the dark alley ahead.

Hearing a light tap from below, Hel looked over the edge of the balcony out of sheer curiosity.

Her eyes widened in anger when she noticed the puddles over the pavement below was unsettled.

Seth kept his sprint, lossing his sence of subtlety. where he was taking me wasnt certain, but all that seemed to matter was to get out of here.

I had so many questions to ask, and seth had so many to answer. but nothing was going to be answered till we had settled down somewhere safe. all i could do was lay my head on his shoulder, gazing at the tower behind him, and let my brunnete hair dance in the wind.

My breath hitched in my throat with a gasp as i witnessedtwo figures leap off the the tower balcony in summersaults, landing on the rooftops of buildings as they persued us. all i could see was the moonlight casting their bodies and the glow from their blades and eyes.

"Se-seth, they-

"I know." he replied, letting his free arm flip out a blade from his elbow, behaving almost like a baton. it singed as it cut through the wind.

With Seth clearly weighted down, it didnt take too long for the persuers to catch up. they were running upon the rooftops looking over the alleyway where we fled.

Even though i could not see their faces behind those veils, just looking at the deadly glow in their eyes told me that they were smiling in demonic delight.

Loki had his large scimitar resting on his bare back, ready to swing.

"Why hello there, Traitorous fuck! I believe you have something that belongs to us!" he heckled before side flipping, swinging a blow at the back of his neck with his his blade, which Seth dodged, leaping forward, letting the blade spark as it made contact with concrete. With a grunt, Seth maintained his sprint, and Loki followed at increased speed down the alley.

"Im inclined to agree, Seth baby." Hel injected bitter sweet before throwing several shuriken's that shone like shooting stars.

"Seth!" I cried in warning.

I could feel a hair or two cut away from me when Seth in a defence move flipped his torso, doing a full 360° and swund his baton blade in a spin, slashing the stars away. Without so much as a word, Seth landed back on the tips of his feet and continued to run for my life.

I was certain i wasnt wounded, but i couldnt help but notice the metallic taste of blood build up in my mouth. This was a taste i knew all too well.

It was the taste of fear.

It never occured to me that a few minutes ago i had contemplated ending my life. yet here i was, picked up from the face of the earth by this so called 'Guardian Angel' of mine, took me to his 'lair', just to have to pick me up again and run for dear life from flying swords and ninja stars swung and thrown from whom I could only assume are his 'dear friends'.

I wouldnt mind living for a few more minutes so someone would care to explain to me what the hell is going on.

The End

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