Close CallMature

With a snicker, she quickly swung her si blade on the outside wall hoping to capture flesh.

But all she could capture was air.

She froze, a little surprised

With a raised brow, she scanned the balchony. much to her dislike, she found nothing

No human girl, no Seth.

Nothing but the sharp moonlight.

The male walked up beside his companion a little amused.

"Seeing things, Hel?"

"I...I could have sworn..."

"You probably did, but the Traitor did what comes naturally to him; got the fuck outta here"

Not entirley convinced, she walked over to the balconys railing and looked over the edge, her waist long knotted hair hung of the ledge as her eyes looked down to the gutter below. the puddles covering the ground werent unsettled.

"This was a deversion...He was misleading me this whole time!" She hissed with a venom laced tongue. "He got me all prepared for nothing!"

Still very agrivated, she turned to her companion and asked, "Can you smell her here still?"

"I cant be too certain. the whore's scent still lingers. its attached to the walls and always will. she and Seth are probably halfway across Regois by now."

"I was so close," she growled "I could almost taste her fear."

Meanwhile, below the balcony. Seth used as much strength as he could to hold me, keep my mouth shut, and keep a good hold on the stone gargoyle (being the only thing keeping us attached to the tower and not colliding with the pavement), all the while trying to remain as silent as possible.

I suddenly realised how much I hated heights.

Since my eyes refused to close, I decided to keep them occupied with Seth's face, waiting on his next action, what ever it may be.

A few seconds past, and Seth was slowly losing his grip on the Gargoyle's taloned foot. he turned to look at the ground below, then at my face. My eyes widened as a sudden thought sprung to mind. 'No...He would dare...surely he wouldnt...' He tightened his hold on my body, narrowed his gaze at mine and simply whispered.

"Dont. Say. A. Word."

He let go. 

The End

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