We Are FamilyMature

"Out of the woods? what are you-

my voice was silence by his grip over my mouth. his scences heightened, he crouches down, taking me with him.

"They followed me." he barely whispered. with his other hand, he spread his palm on the wall next to my neck. with his eyes narrowed it was clear he was concentrating on something specific. what exactly, i could not tell.

"I can feel two of them..."

'two of them?' I thought in a panic 'its crazy enough with one of them around!'

"i'd rather not risk your life by engaging in battle. we need to hide. now."

Quickly and subtley, Seth cradled me again in his arms, keeping my feet off the stone floor, and hushed his footsteps toward the balcony. he took me behind the outside wall and crouched me down again.

the sound of steps on stone hit my ears like a loud bell, but in truth they were as soft and quiet as a feather.

The voices rang through my head as one of them, a male spoke out. his voice felt demented, almost senile. and his use of language proved it.

"The Bell tower hmm? Is our little Seth so fucking retarded he'd think that this place would be safe?"

A Female voice answered. her's was calm, almost kind. but I could help but notice a hint of evil in her worlds. maybe insinity.

"Hush, Loki. We're not here for him. we're here for the female host. And be mindful about what you say about Seth. hes still our brother. He's lost, yes, but he's one of our own."

"Your only say that because he's your his former lover. He's a fucking traitor, thats what he is, Hel. I would gladly rip his Soul out his flesh when this is over."

I felt gooseflesh rise when i heard blades being removed from their sheaths. Seth felt this too and tried to keep me as close to the wall as possible, and to keep my movements at a minimum.

The male sniffed rather loudly as he inspected the room. "she's been here alright. I can smell her," he chuckled sickly "shes in season..."

"look, I know how...eager you are, Loki. but Odin specifically said no having fun with her," She let a giggle escape her lips. "not yet anyway."

Seth was too aware of his persuers to notice he still had his whole palm over my mouth and nose, and i was quickly feeling my natural need to breath. as every second passed as we listened intently, i was feeling dizzy not only from the alcohol, but from lack of air aswell. Seth kept me pinned against the wall, and the need kept growing.

As the need grew to great, i nipped on Seth's fingers. he reacted immediatley, clearly unpreppared, and released his hand from my mouth. i gasped lightly and let the air rush back to me.

it was that intake of air that caught the female persuer's attention. She whipped her head around towards the sound.

"I most certainly heard something..." she whipered.

Seth covered my mouth again, but was smart enough to leave my nose open. my eyes widened by the sound of footsteps coming closer. we needed a plan, and fast.

the other dragged his blade on the groud in anticipation.

The female walked slowly toward the source of the sound, toward the balcony. sneaking a little behind the archway, she grasped her blades, ready to pounce.

"I know your there, I can hear your heatbeat echoing off the walls..."

My pulse refused to slow, and i knew this to be my downfall.

The End

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