Despite my half question, the cloaked figure still talked casually, in his deep voice “Memories hold great lessons for the future, weather they be of ill experience or joyful; both are beneficial.”

Finding my strength again, taken away by shock, I rise from the Velvet bedding, hugging the bare skin of my arms. I realized I was just wearing my black tank top from this morning and shorts jeans. I guess I felt no need for warmth since I was planning on going on a permanent vacation. I eye him cautiously 

 “Most memories are best forgotten…” I murmur. As soon as my response left my lips, I surprised myself, as well as the being. Why was I talking to this…this being anyway?

I guess I felt the need to talk. To anyone.

To anything.

“Each memory has its purpose.” He grinned, gesturing his open palm to my figure “Just like yours.”

“My…Who…What are you..?”

He chuckled warmly “You could say that… I’m your guardian angel.”

My mouth agape, I couldn’t help but chuckle skeptically. “Well Mr. Guardian angel, you have caught me, no pun intended, in a situation of which I did not want to be protected. In short, your services are not needed. Now, again, who the hell are you?”

His brow rose in confusion at my expression swelling with frustration and anger.

“My, I knew you had a venom laced tongue at your disposal miss Engel, but I never knew you to be impolite.” He smirked, his voice waving with humor.

My reaction was instant. A silent gasp escaped my lips, and my palms grew damp with sweat.

“Wait…you…know who I am?”

“It is my duty to know you, Miss Kaylee.” He responds casually.

I let go a breath that I didn’t realize I was holding “Why… are you here?”

“Right now,” He whispered before taking a step forward till he towered over me “All I can tell you, is that your soul is in danger.”

My eyes, never leaving his grow wider with each word, my feet walking backward. “I-I am in danger-

“They’re coming for you.” He quickly injected, taking another towering step “They have been since the very beginning, and their patience is running thin.”

I’m pushed back till my shoulder blades come into contact with chilling stone. “W-who is coming for me?”

I gasp when he holds my shoulders almost protectively. “My kin.” He said darkly.

His touch felt cold, and numbing. Only then at that moment did I notice his scent.

Almost like charred wood and deep earth.

It was almost…intoxicating.

It frightened me.

“What’s your name?” I whisper as my breath quickens.

He loosens his hold on my shoulders, and runs them down till they reached my elbows, then closed his eyes, as if they were light bulbs, falling deep in thought. I found myself fascinated seeing his expression as he chose his words.

“When I was summoned a millennia ago, my creators gave me the name Seth, After the Egyptian dark god.”

I just stared at him for a few seconds before chuckling quietly. With this, Seth just gave a raised brow, clearly confused.

“That’s a little ironic.” I grin.

“Ironic?” Seth questioned “How so?”

“Well, Seth is the god of the dark and evil, and well, by the looks of what you did for me, you are not evil, maybe dark, but certainly not evil.”

He frowned “How can you be so certain I’m not going to harvest you for my own benefit?”

“I said dark, didn’t I?” I scoff, “And besides, if you wanted to do something, you would have already done it.”

My eyes travel down his physique once again and they lay on his blades, steaming at each piece of dust that touched the metal.

It wasnt the wind that night after all.

“That gleam… that was you wasn’t it?”

His hands travelled back up to my shoulders and he squeezed them reassuringly “Oh my dear I am sorry. I didn’t intend to injure your companion, but you were about to receive his seed, and I couldn’t allow that to happen. I couldn’t just watch for any longer, so I…‘sedated’ him, removing his curse. I had no other choice in the matter.”

Zack. my Zack was put in harms way by something... supernatural. I was right. it wasnt him, it wasnt him! It was a creature wearing his skin.

My mind is screaming at me. 'you'd believe anything wouldnt you?. you do realise you are listening to the creature who nearly killed him right, you should be ripping out the cunts jugular. its a trap Lee, get out while you can.'

I shudder at my thoughts 'Push it aside for now'

“He was under control. Mr. Zackary Moore was ‘forced’ to impale you, in the hopes of impregnation.”

I exhale rather shakily “You’ve got a lot of explaining to-

I gasp as he squeezed my shoulders suddenly. Seth snapped his head over his shoulder letting his long almost distant black hair catch momentum “In due time, but we are not out of the woods yet, Kaylee Engle.”


someones got some explaining to do. mainly me. next chapter coming soon, but got exams so might be a little while. till then - Daisy

The End

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