With a silent gasp, my body, losing all control, fell backwards off my apartment roof, leaving a being atop as stunned as me.

As quick as I saw it, it disappeared from my sights as all I could see with the winds scrapping past my skin was the grey-black clouds and my last witness of the fat moon. The noise was deafening; the wind roared past my ears leaving no room for thought. The surrounds rippled into a blur, as if smothered with heat All I knew as I plunged further off the sixth story building that this will be my last view on anything.

It would be over.

To my surprise, my decent wouldn’t be suffered alone.

Seconds before I accepted my fate, the same black shadow jumped off after me, creating a silhouette on the moon’s surface.

The seconds passed with a blur, the black mass piercing the air with great speed, rotating its core forwards till its cloak enveloped me, feeling what I was certain were fingers grasping tightly to my thigh and shoulder. Ground feet away, with a final somersault, it made a surprisingly soft landing, feet first before its knees gave way and collided with the asphalt in an attempt to keep balance, to great avail. As the force of the impact subsided, it rose from the ground standing, with me still cradled in its arms.
its alluring eyes spied my own once again, and I shuddered.

I only blinked once from the impact of our landing, but other than that I could not keep my eyes closed.

All I could do was stare at this being.

‘It… it saved me…’

Saved me. Save me from what? A world of pain and anguish, a place where god finds home, and cradles his young with a loving care that can only be expressed with torture and genocide. And the only people who have the answer to solving it are either crazy or in prison waiting for the death penalty. And the one family you ever knew was taken from you without any chance of protest on your part, and you were forced to watch them suffer the worst pains ever discovered.

No. I was not saved; I was brought back to earth when I thought I was finally ascending.

Anyone would understand why I was not grateful. Not one bit.

The being glowing orbs twitched a bit and its head tilted as it noticed my growing anger, and with that, my expression changed to a surprised one.

It was curious, to say the least.

But this begged the question, what was this ‘it’?

As several quiet minutes passed by, the creature still held me close, almost afraid to drop me. With the feeling in my thigh growing numb from the cutoff of blood circulation, I decided to be the first to break the silence.

“Uhhh…you can put me down now…”

with those words, the black being clenched on my skin tighter and I gasped from its strength. I was beginning to lose my patience at this point.

“No, not harder, put me down, now.” I said my words more harsh.

Its eyes narrowed at this as it studied my features. I rolled my eyes, ‘geese, doesn’t it understand English?’ I pouted a little at that thought. Then again, with the few seconds with this creature, I could safely assume it could not speak nor understand me at all. Which I knew then was a bad thing, because he seemed to flat out refuse to put me down. It undoubtedly frustrated me.

Just a little.

“What do you want me to say? Thank you? If it will make you put me down, I will say it!”

Its eyes lifted in an amused way, and a chuckle vibrated from its throat.
It’s laughing at me? Why the little-

Before my thought finished, the creature broke out in a sprint, with me still tight in its clutches. With his sudden movements, I made every effort to not scream my head off at the speed we were going, the rush of wind against my face when I feel from the roof could not compare.

I could only catch glimpses of where it was taking me. My face was well hidden in its mass of black robe and caused lack of vision, but I managed to see the blur of city lights around and below me.

I gulped.

‘Below me’?

Without realizing, the being had leaped from the ground. If it wasn’t for his occasional landing on rooftop, I would have thought we were flying. He made long strides and leaps from roof top to roof top, going faster than I ever thought possible, but it continued, he went faster, and we went further, going where I wasn’t sure, but wherever it was, it must needed attendance in a hurry, and must have been rather high up.

With most tracks of wind down my facial features being horizontal and going downwards from time to time, these tracks were continuous; they were going straight up, which meant that the being had jumped straight up, occasionally losing speed, and using its free hand to grasp on some leverage and launch us higher.

Through this trip I found it hard to say anything, and a few times a frightened or surprised squeal left my lips, I had not made a word.

For what was there to say? And besides, words wouldn’t reach anyone’s ears while moving at this speed.

Lack of wind piercing my skin confirmed at least that we had stopped. He was at walking speed now, and made a few steps before he knelt down and placed me on what felt like velvet bedding. Taking a few steps back, its gaze was still on me, its chest heaving up and down lightly, as if the feat it accomplished was of no challenge.

I adjusted a little to my surroundings and to the bedding. We were in a small room I determined, no bigger than ten by ten meters across. Cement bricks and corroded stone and metal was its structure. There was a large square hole that descended downwards with a long thick hide rope hanging through it. A large archway opened to a same leveled balcony which welcomed the moon, lighting up the room slightly, enough for me to at least determine where I was.

Raising my head to the ceiling, I bared witness to a large worn church bell, long past its used by date.

This creature had taken me to the tallest building in Regois.

The Bell tower.

For what reason, that was the question.

Even with the aided light of the moon, I still could not see my ‘rescuer’, only its piercing eyes, and those gleams concealed up its forearms.

And neither I nor it could halt our staring war.

I gulped, I breathed; I tried everything imaginable to help me relax, but to no avail what so ever.

Its head tilted side to side as it observed me in my clearly delirious state. My mouth was closing and opening as I tried to find my words, but this only seemed to increase its curiosity.

The clear frustration that had been building was fit to burst, and it only took this beings silence to set it off, which it did.

“What in god’s name do you think you’re doing? Who the fuck do you think you are picking me off like that?! Why didn’t you let me fall? Why didn’t you just let me die?!”

at this moment, I didn’t care what this being was, all I wanted to know was why anyone would stop my spiritual release.

Its brow rose up in confusion, staring at my welling eyes glistening like pearls. By its gaze it saw my brokenness. With a turn on it heel, it gracefully walked on the balcony and into the moonlight. With the light dancing on its features I gasped in awe.

It was tall for one thing, taller than the average man and broad shouldered. Even with the aided light, it was determined that this creature was entirely black, from it’s knee high almost archer boots, to its gloves as dark as the void. Its cloak kept its arms, thighs and torso hidden. Its head however, was truly magnificent. It had a rather thick neck aided with a veil that connected from his face to the cloak, almost giving the illusion that it had no neck at all. With this in view, the mouth was not visible nor its chin and I wasn’t too sure it had either. The cloak altogether seemed to be one with the creature; behaving as its skin almost, with how it seemed to mold in together with the skin of the neck up. Its eyes that I was growing more accustomed with could not compare to what it wielded upon its head. Its ears were similar to mine, but the tips grew sharp and stood out like an elf of the wood. Above its menacing brow were two horns that curled sharply inwards.

I had no words, and all the past events that occurred seemed to vanish as if they didn’t exist. All that was here was me and this…angel.

As moments past we continued to stare, both fascinated by each others appearance and behaviors, till a voice other than my own, deep, husky and male filled my ears softly.


“The powerful effects of alcohol are very much sought after by your kind. On many occasions, it is used in the moments of celebration. But alas, some have found more…dangerous uses for it."

My eyes widened at each word that past his invisible lips, his veil shifting slightly at every syllable.

"Like ‘washing away’ memories"

my mouth agape, i had no words to express my amazement and fear.

"Did...did you just...?"

Ive been practising my voices of my characters, and i dont mean to brag, but i think that Seth's voice is pretty sexy =]. hope your enjoying the story as i am writing it. R/R would be greatly appreciated! questions are great too.
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The End

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