Good morning Regois city, time to pry open those lazy eyes of yours and listen to the voice of DJ Jericho, host of Regois bliss FM. Now ladies and gents, it’s time to put on the morning coffee, the really kick arse stuff, mixed with a bit of hard alcohol. Or if that puts a pinch to your brain, cause I know it does, maybe pop a few painkillers, and listen to the curing bliss that is the Jimi Hendrix experience…

A wet and prickly tongue scraps across my jaw line, the loud hum of a purr vibrates against my neck and left shoulder and I stir from my slumber

“Mhhhhhhmmm……Doris… piss off…”

Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things just don't seem the same
Actin' funny, but I don't know why
'Scuse me while I kiss the sky

Nausea, the licks from a purring fur ball, and the piercing beams of sunlight on their own have the potential to be annoying, but when combined they have strength able to stir any hard headed individual from a somewhat peaceful slumber, and I was no different. Yes, the radio did have an impact, but its effect held no real power over the clearly more physical and stronger.

Purple haze all around
Don't know if I'm comin' up or down
Am I happy or in misery?
Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me

I clench to the bed covers that cover me with a thin duvet. The sun has a power that I loathe in the morning. My weak muscles clench in and out as I stretch. Would I keep my eyes closed and hope the darkness of night is the one to caress my eyes, or will I have to experience the burning sensation of the burning flame seeping through my apartment window?

Help me help me
Oh no no... no

I opted for the latter, knowing fully well that facing this continuous foe of mine every morning must be faced with my eyes open. I flutter them open, and I groan in regret.

“Fuuuuck …damn it….let me…mhhhhmmm…sleep…” I unconsciously wave a free hand at the window dismissively. Mother of god, please give me this one awakening without sting. I have only asked every morning since I first bared witness to your sun, and yet you have denied me every time? Just give me this morning of peace, just this once.

My eyes open again, slower this time, hoping my one wish for the day would be hurtles.

But alas, she did not answer my request.

‘Sly bitch’ I pout.

Purple haze all in my eyes
Don't know if it's day or night
You've got me blowin, blowin my mind
Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?

 I wriggle free from the duvet covers that are wrapped tightly around the skin of my bare legs, kicking it loosely off the bed on the wooden floor, the sensation of the thin warmth leaving me leaves a prickling feeling of Goosebumps up my bare flesh. As my tank topped torso peels away from my mattress, I raise, my back facing the headboard in a sitting position; I welcome the cool feeling of the cold stained wood against my warm skin. My arms hug my bare knees as I let a yawn escape lazily from my somewhat parched lips.

No, help me aw yeah! oh no no oh help me...

The first thing my eye lays on is the calico kitten sitting loyally by my feet purring with satisfaction, its tail curls in between my toes and I giggle at the sensation. Its emerald green eyes look into mine with anticipation.

“Oh Doris Day, you want to be fed do you?” I smirk.

The kitten’s eyes shine as if it understood my language. I pick her up and nuzzle my nose with hers, holding her in a bundle as I twist my body, letting my feet touch the cold wooden floor as I stand.

“In due time,” I tell her, “ But mummy needs something to wake her up.”

Clothed in only my pitch black tank top and navy blue panties, I carry my companion with me out of my private quarters and head off in a slow pace through the small lounge leading to the kitchen, rubbing my eyes of any excess sleep along the way.

Entering the kitchen, I proceed to open the fridge and attempt to use my tired eyes to search for the carton of milk I bought from my last grocery trip (must have been a week ago). Eying it soon after, I notice that the cardboard carton flap is open. Holding Doris bundled in one arm, I held up the carton with the other as I eye it cautiously. I bring it to my nose, and immediately retreat in disgust (Doris clawing into my arm because of my lack of warning, which I deserved, no doubt).

I eye the milk, then at a curious Doris.

I groan in frustration, but it doesn’t last among my features very long, and I replace it with a small chuckle leaving my throat.

“I guess it’s all yours, greedy shit.” I say kissing the top of her head, before I kneel down and place her feet on the tiled floor. Rising up with milk in hand, I take her bowl that was drying in the dish rack the last time it was washed. And pour the last of the rancid milk into the bowl, and I couldn’t help but notice small lumps of its contents plopping in with a splash. Oh my kitty is in for a treat.

I’m about to put the carton back into the fridge, knowing there was some left to give Doris for the evening, when the loud ringing of the apartment phone startled me from my routine. As it rings a second time, my head drifts to the clock face hanging above my dining table.

Who would be rings at 10:20 in the morning?

Huffing a little, carton still in hand, I pick up the corded phone and bring it to my ear.

“Hello?” I say, trying to sound as if the phone woke me up, maybe that way whoever was calling would feeling sympathetic and call me at a more awake time.

“Hello, is there a Ms Kaylee Engle present?”

I tensed up a bit. Something about this older woman’s voice, and the way she spoke didn’t feel right.

“Uhh, yeah, this is her.”

“Yes, Ms Engle, sorry for the early awakening. I’m Nurse Heather calling from Regois Hospital. Do you know a ‘Zachary Moore’?”

I froze as a sudden chill creeps up my spine. Getting any call from the hospital meant bad news, or serious news if any. “Y…yes, yes, I do.” I gulp nervously “What seems to be the problem?”

“Well, Ms Engle, I hate to inform you that Mr. Moore has been in intensive care since this early morning. When he woke up he called for you and requests your presence.”

My fingers seem to lose control of their grip, and the carton falls from my grasp, colliding with the floor spilling its contents around my feet.

It hit me like lightning. A flood of memories I didn’t realize I had forgotten crashed through my body, hitting me with the force of a brick wall.

Oh the brick wall…

My hand rises to cover my face as I remembered his sickening looks, his freezing touch, and those eyes, those unknown eyes belonging to a stranger. Those eyes filled with a forbidden hunger that had no right to look upon me.

I taste metallic. My eyes sting not from the light but from what they were forced to witness.

But what shocked me the most was a questioned that needed to be answered: how did I manage to return to my bed somewhat safe and sound, and not remember how I got here? This was too frightening to imagine how, why, or even when did I return to my apartment. The Nurse on the phone said that Zack had been in hospital since the morning, so he certainly couldn’t have done it.

Then it hit me harder.

I saw his pained face, Zack fell, he fell to his knees, writhing in pain.

From what? Was that the reason he was in hospital? How?

That gleam.

I gasp in shock.

Those orbs.

That gleam…


The voice of the nurse, flash me back to the present at hand “Yes, uhh… tell him I’ll be there shortly…”

“Very well, I’ll inform him. Take care.”

“Thank you…”

Not waiting for the woman on the other line to hang up, I drop the phone, letting it hang from its receiver, as I rush into my room and get quickly clothed into my casual outfit. I leave the apartment and Doris to tend to the mess in the kitchen, while I ran, my chest straining, to deal with a mess of my own.

No, help me aw yeah! oh no no oh help me...

dun dun DUUNN!! another cliffhanger! i love these. suspensful stuff aside, id like to mention that i do have a calico kitten called Doris, and yes i talk to her (who doesnt these days!). as for the jimi hendrix music, i thought that song fitted perfectly with what our Lee is going through. plus its a kickarse song is it not?? R/R pwease pwease with a cherwwy on top?? laters - Daisy <(^.^)>

P.S.: just a quick thing. for those who dont know how to pronounce the city's name. its french, sorta. you dont pronounce the 's'. its said reg (the g is silent like in the word 'go') and then gwa. altogether 'reg-gwa'. if i failed to explain it propperly, i tried :P

The End

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