this is a little thing im pondering. basicly, its about the world being given life with the help of spirits. one day the spirits go haywire, and the demons are summoned to help out. Kay Lee (aka Lee) is a girl whose spirit is very special and dangerous, and seth, a demon, is doing everything he can to protect her. its a work in progress. its based on a sculpture i'm creating. tell me what you think!


With a quick twist of his torso, he swept me up like a bride with very little struggle. Gripping tightly to my thigh and shoulder, he sprinted with the speed of a shadow, while my damp head rested on the safety in the crick of his thick neck.

The storm in the bland night grew heavier and denser and I was certain that we would both be soaked by the end of this. It mattered more for me than it did for Seth, for I could feel the cold. Then again, I wasn’t too certain that he could feel at all, him being a specter of another world may have aided to the assumption that he could feel nothing that humanity could.

The speed of that we were running caused the rain to pierce its stinging needles to my bare skin and face. I could not see past my nose; the only light visible was the constant flash of lightning and the enchanting glow of Seth’s eyes. I felt my yellow tank top cling to me, forming a new layer of skin, and my denim shorts were feeling the strain, getting tighter until they were dripping.

Seth made his way through a clearing, and I gradually felt the warmer breeze of shelter. Shortly after we came to a stop; I felt only the warm of him and the water trickling freely through my hair and down my check bones. He stood me to the ground, and my bare feet felt the contact of dry earth and stone. He loosened the grip on my shoulders, and at that moment I realized the extent of my injuries. I staggered, my knees buckled, and I fell into his torso once again.

“Watch yourself Kay Lee.” He said in his calming husky voice.

I gripped on the black fabric of his arms as I tried to gain my breath. “I’m….I’m fine, Seth…” I stuttered.

“You’re not fine. No human would have recovered this quickly over an event like that.”

He had got me there. I’m still so shocked, so….overwhelmed. Another specter just like Seth had the determination to cut me with his signature blade. That Odin…that’s what Seth called him had his abnormally large and wide sword swinging towards me. When it came into contact with my skin, I could have sworn the world was cold.

All I saw was white.

I’ve never felt colder in my life from that.

Seth launched himself to my aid and fought with his superior, but all I could feel was the gooseflesh taking over and the taste of metal in my mouth. Odin did not succeed, but he nearly would have.

My soul was nearly ripped out of me.

“Tell me how you are feeling Lee.” He said, trying to support my body from its exhaustion.

“I’m right as rain...” I chuckled to myself, but winced and gripped tightly at the sharp sting in my ribs.

 “There is no need to deceive me, you never have and never will.”

Even the pain twisting at my torso wouldn’t stop me from smiling at his remark. Without warning, he placed the open palm of his leather glove over my brow, his white eyes narrowed in concentration, while his other glove nipped the tip of his left horn as he was in deep thought. My stomach sinks at his touch and the pain gets more intense.

“Your inner warmth is fading. You’re cold both physically and mentally.” His voice still continues to be so calm, yet I feel his deep concern.

His hand left my forehead and his body melded back into the darkness as his eyes lost its light.

“Avert your eyes Lee.”

I was certain till I felt my eyelids tighten that my eyes were closed, but I wasn’t too sure from the black surrounding me. I shivered with his lack of presence, but it was satisfied with the familiar twang of Seth’s blade making contact with the caves stone floor. There was a flicker of light that had managed to seep its way through, but I didn’t stir. Then I feel it, the security of heat rushing through the tips of my fingers. And the rippling roars that fill my ears deliciously. At that moment, I returned my eyes to my surroundings.

With the spark of his blade against the ground floor, Seth had transformed simple kindling into a healthy fire, which lighted up the surroundings of the enclosed cave shelter.

And for the first time since that night, I finally saw the black formation of his face and figure, from the tips of his leather boots to the sharp points of his long ears. His blades were concealed behind his elbows, and his long black poncho hung to the rims of his knee high boots, drenched and dripping to his form. His eyes still had his unnatural glow about them, two deep pools of white, swirling into an abyss

 His black veil, though in the past never revealed the structure of his face, even wet, had failed to expose his bone structure, though I wasn’t too sure that he had any, being a demon and all.

I’m gripping onto the wet skin of my arms out of the sheer shock of everything that had occurred, and I know that Seth is desperate to know how I’m feeling. Because we both know that my death, though welcomed by this Odin, will mean the end of the world for humanity.

He walks to my side and leads my limp body to the warmth of the fire. He sits me down on a nearby rock, and finally wraps the cloak of his arm around my shoulders, while his other hand caresses my numbing hands in attempt to create heat. As we make eye contact, I am under his unintentional spell. Those eyes are so compelling. I’m now having trouble breathing for two reasons. Yet he remains as calm as he always does.

“Please Kay Lee, tell me how it felt,” His hand left my coiled fingers and rested underneath to support my chin. “Tell me how you soul feels.”

The End

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