Meet Gerald...again.

Gerald was rudely awoken by the sound of keys rattling in the front door. 

He opened his eyes and yawned. The flanking led display on the DVD player told him he'd been asleep for precisely six hours, twenty right minutes. Lovely, he thought. 

He stretched his legs and unattached himself from the sofa. His hair was all a mess but he'd deal with that later. 

A middle aged woman wearing a winter coat entered the room and looked at Gerald. 

   "Hello sweetie," she said, as if speaking to a six year old. Gerald wasn't putting up with this, he was nine after all. 

   He walked away. 


   Moments later a slightly younger man entered the house, out if breath. 

   Gerald looked at him and rolled his eyes. 

   The man disappeared into the kitchen. Seconds later he heard arguing. Typical he thought. 


   Gerald made his way up the stairs and just sat on the landing. He looked down the darkened staircase. The arguing had become an animated discussion now. The woman was doing most of the talking now. 


   For the first time today, he'd realised he was, for want of a better term, bored. 


   The door opened again and Gerald's heart sank. Wait for it...

   "Gerald?" A high pitched girls voice cried out. 

   Gerald thought better than to reply. Let silence remain his weapon. 

   The girl passed the studies and spotted Gerald immediately. 

   She began to run up the stairs. Gerald wasted no time and sprinted in the opposite direction, exchanging a satisfied look as he passed her halfway. 


   He we go again. 


   The girl chased Gerald around the living room before the woman entered and grabbed the girl by the arm. 

"What have I told you about running in the house?" The woman hissed. "And don't let me catch you chasing Gerald again."


Cat 1

Girl 0 

The End

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