Meet Gerald.

Gerald wandered about the kitchen for a good ten minutes. The house was empty. Everyone else had gone to school or work or somewhere. He never bothered asking. 

   Finally alone. Nobody to bother him. He liked it like this. 

   He walked through the door that lead from the kitchen into the sitting room. He always loved the feel of the soft carpet underneath. It was like he was walking in jelly he thought. He stood for a second, savouring the feeling underfoot. 

   He walked over to the patio doors and looked out across the garden. A few clouds sat in the blue sky above. It looked warm out. He decided he would more than likely go out later. There was nothing like a bit of fresh air. The feel of grass underneath your feet. The gentle chorus of bird song. Magic. 

   He gave a yawn and then made his way to the large, sandy coloured sofa. He looked left and right, as if choosing a place to sit. This was very important to Gerald. As it was more than likely he would be here a while. 

   He leapt on to the sofa. This was his way. A ritual if you like. He fidgeted for a few seconds to get comfortable, then settled down. 

   He saw the remote control for the TV sat on the arm rest. He looked for a few seconds then closed his eyes. This was heaven. 


   He loved being a cat. 

The End

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