Georgie Pudding The Pirate

A short one shot written about a rabbit that happened to be a pirate.

Once upon a time...
There was a pirate called Georgie Pudding. He loved to search for treasure and he was very fierce.
"Aarrrrrghhh!" He gobbled up chicken drum sticks with vigor ... nom nom nom

"Ooo-arrrrrghhhh shiver me timbers! I need some pieces of eight"

He went and rounded up his best pirating pals; Marty Man, Liquorice McStrings and Blackberry Pie. Oh and Moo McMooMoo the wench.
They pillaged every town they came to and collected all the pieces of eight they could find they were fine pirates

They set sail on their journey home. Upon their return they were greeted with shouts of glee.

Come and drink some rum with us!" their friends said.

And the fierce pirates replied "No i need to go home and snuggle up in mummy's dressing gown."


The End

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