Just recently George Bog got expelled from The Michael Den day Centre for chucking his dinner on the floor and urinating on a dinner plate.
He got kicked out and became violent.
He wanted revenge, so he got hold of a car and chucked it through the window,crashing right into the dining room tables.
Luckily no one was sitting at the tables otherwise they would have been killed.

One of the builders building the new Dennis Centre reacted violently by chucking a tree at George Bog. It missed him by an inch.
George Bog then darted like a shot down Blenheim Avenue and went absolutely berserk.
He lashed out and kicked one of the cars up into the sky - with such great force that the car crashed into one of the houses and whizzed right through, landing up in a neighbour's garden.

The neighbour, Bill Toilet ran out into the street and shouted at George Bog:

"Go on, Oppit, you mad scummy vandal, you wrecked my house."

George Bog rushed out into the main road and yanked a tree out of the pavement.
A bus came along and he chucked the tree at the bus.
Such was the force of the impact that the bus toppled over.

One policeman, PC Cowpie, grabbed hold of George Bog and knocked him flying, with such force that he flew across Cranbrook road and through Valentines Park, coming out of the other end by The Drive.
He became even madder, and as he boarded a bus he threw the driver out and took over the wheel.
He started acting strange and drove the bus on the pavement. He then got out of the bus and turned it upside down.
Everybody inside fell on top of one another and wanted revenge, so they all got out of the bus and grabbed hold of George Bog and chucked him into a bin.
George Bog climbed out and shot right down Coventry Road, ripping pavements up.
He even ate one of the pavements.
He then continued on his mad rampage and shot through street after street, punching loads of houses and having a fight with a couple of other George Bogs. He then dashed out into Ley Street and dashed straight across the road, through Grigg's Approach and into Winston Way, walking right in the middle of the road, dodging vehicle after vehicle.

By the time George Bog  got into Green Lane he had already caused millions of pounds worth of damage.

However the trail of destruction which resulted from a violent reaction to being expelled from his club didn't stop, he just continued going off his rocker, kicking loads of cars and shouting f--- off at loads of people, and telling passers - by to drop dead.

No one could control the man who got banned for good from his day centre.


"All of a sudden The mayhem died down and George Bog became normal again.
He walked home to Grafton Lodge and went up to his flat as quiet as a mouse.

Since the violent outburst George Bog has remained at home.

The Michael Den Centre is now officially out of bounds to George Bog.

The End

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