This is about a man who got kicked out of his day centre

George Bog has been expelled from his centre because he smashed the whole place up.

The man couldn't get his own way and went berserk.
He chucked his dinner on the floor and urinated on his dinner plate.

One of the staff couldn't put up with it in the end and sent Bernard Tisman packing.
He then got his wild up, got hold of a car belonging to one of the staff at the centre, picked it up and chucked it through the window.

"Right! I have had enough of you George "madman" Bog, so there's no other option than to expel you from the day centre, because you're a dangerous man, so hop it and don't come back."

One of the builders building the new Dennis Centre witnessed George Bog chucking a car through the window and shouted to him:

"You,you madman why don't you fall down a cess pit and eat muck."

The builder then got hold of a tree and chucked it at George Bog, missing him by an inch.

The troublemaker escape into Blenheim Avenue, went mad and picked up a car, and with all his might, chucked it through one of the houses owned by Bill Toilet

The End

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