He wins and goes to Egypt

I’m on my way to Egypt and Rick is close behind. I really need to hurry up ‘cause he’s on this flight.  We’re almost there and I’m right by the door. I hear something but I can’t put my finger on it. I really need to take a nap.  You, wait was that a gunshot? And someone’s walking toward me and I can’t see his face because a coat collar is sticking up, wait a second, that’s Rick! I should have known. Gosh, I can’t get a break today can I? Well the plane landed and I’m on my way out and then another gunshot then it got my coat

After I to Egypt, I go to the pyramids of Giza. I find the staff of Horus I gain special powers of that god.  Each god has a staff.  I like Horus.  He’s a warrior. Now I can fly and I can breathe fire.

The End

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