There is a storm

There is a storm and it starts to pour babies. George caught baby and takes her home. George’s mom said “OH MY” and faints. George runs up to his room and sets her on the table. He tries to think of   idea to get rid of this baby. Then the baby starts to cry [she wants a toy]. He trees to figure out what she wants first he gets some cereal and puts it in a bowl for her and takes it to her. But she just knocks it onto the floor. Next he gets her some orange juice and pours it into a sippy cup [witch was left over from when he was a kid] but she just knocked it over again.

          So he sat and thought wail he drank his orange juice. Then he got the idea of a toy he ran down stairs eager to get her a toy he looked through what seemed like a million tubs then he found the perfect toy and gave it to her.        


The End

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