Curious George runs away

George and Curious George live together. They were best friends. They went everywhere together. They never did anything without each other. George said “ will live together for ever.” One night Curious George ran away he ran away as far as he could. He never wanted to see George ever again. When George woke up he could not find Curious George. He said “where is Curious George.” He went to get dress and then when went to go and look for Curious George. He looked everywhere but he forgot to look at the zoo. He was so tiered he just went home. The next day he went to the zoo. He did not see Curious George there either. He went to china but he was not there either so he went back home. Curious George went back home to he missed George. When George saw that Curios George was home he was so happy. Curious George promised that he would never ever leave him again.

The End

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