There was a car on fire

       George sees a car on fire. He searches for a bucket of water. He knows that the car will blow up soon. He enters a restaurant. He asks for a bucket of water. The waiter says, “ That will be $20.00.” “What!” George says. I can get it cheaper online! He knows he has very little time. So he goes online and orders a bucket of water because he isn’t too bright. The bucket cost only $1.00 online. His friend found a bucket and accidentally filled it with oil. That only made the fire even huger. “Uh- oh,” says George. Suddenly the car explodes! There are flames everywhere! He calls 911 and a fire truck comes. The fire truck catches on fire too! George sees a little bucket from what he ordered online. He gets the 100-gallon bucket from the store and puts the fire out. George saved the day!

The End

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