George. The Diary Of The Forgotten

Chapter 1 - Just A Normal, Boring Day.


" Oh come on " George shouted

" I really need to go "

George was waiting for the toilet. He has been there for the past 10 minuates clenching his bladder with his right hand and leaning on the door with his other. He just finished double science and had drank 2 one litre bottles of water during the lesson as it had been a fairly humid day today, and he was slightly fat, so he sweats more than most people.

Finnally George managed to relieve his bladder and head off to maths. His least favourite lesson. George didnt have many friends, he did of course have 1 or 2 friends that were very close to him, but they were considered as " Geeks " by the other school kids and took the mick out of him because of that. But despite him being a slight loner he did lead quite a interesting life. In his life he had acomplished quite alot such as swimming 1 mile and winning numerious swimming competitions. But that was all he was good at. A bit of breast-stroke for a while and then his fame and glory was over.


" Ding, Ding, Ding "

The school day was over for the kids at Moors secoundry school. The children were storming, almost moshing out of the gates so that they can get home fairly quick. George of course had to walk home on his own as his friends lived on the opposite side of town to him.  He was the centre of attention on the way home, people throwing stones at him and coins from all directions. Some actually hit him quite hard on the side of the head or other bodily areas. But he wasent bothered, he was used to it.


George got the key out of his bag and inserted the big orange key into his front door, he had always wondered why his mum got him a bright lumonious orange key, but whenever george asked her she seemed to just ignore him. He was used to that aswell.




The End

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