George was hiking through the Rockies and all of a sudden a loud uproar from down the mountain range started to echo throughout. George in his panic grabs his dog and pack and runs into the nearest cave, a large avalanche is coming. He gets trapped in the cave and is forced through a series of trials and all he has is a video camera to record his series of things that he has to do that most see as morally wrong.

February 29, 2020


Hi I’m George and today is my 8th birthday, because it is Leapyear. It sucks that I’m stuck here in this cave with no way of getting out and all I have is this Gopro to log all of my thoughts until I die, but atleast I have my dog with me so I don’t go completely insane. I don’t know why I had the brilliant idea to go hiking on my Birthday with no one else but my dog instead of going out to dinner with friends and family. I thought I wanted peace and quiet but this is getting to be too much, all I can hear are rocks crumbling snow falling and water dripping. What’s worse is that I only packed food for 3 days and a tent so I could set up camp but the camping grounds are a mile away from here.


I’ve been hiking for about 2 hours until I heard this large uproar coming from all around me, it was an avalanche. I naturally went into the deepest hole I could find which ended up being this cave, so I wasn’t completely unlucky. I grabbed my dog and ran into the cave diving in seconds before rocks came spewing in and I got up and ran towards the back of the cave, watching while trembling as all of the rocks blocked out the sunlight and the snow rushed passed. All I could hear the whole time was a loud rumble and after about 3 minutes it grew quiet. Then I heard water flow, which is always nice to hear when you have to live in this place until someone can save you, if they ever will.

I brought some spark rocks and their seems to be branches and twigs and some thicket with a few plants around here so I should be able to build a small fire to let me be able to see. My phone has about 70% left so I will use it to find the supplies I need to make a torch. I have a canteen filled with water which I can fill up from the water of the cave when it empties, at least I will be drinking clean water as I’m slowly running out of food which I can hopefully ration out to service myself. My phone should not die for a week or so if I only use it as a flashlight, and sadly signal doesn’t go through 8 feet of snow and large rock formations because I would really like to text someone to come and get me the hell out of here before I die, I’m only 8 anyways.


March 1, 2020


I have truly discovered how long time can actually be.


Today I rationed out my food for the next 7 days, about 1 meal is per a day and the dog gets ½ of its regular meals which isn’t horrible considering he doesn’t burn a lot of calories anymore although he has grown restless. My days are numbered but seem endless, isn’t that just irony pushing me even further to the breaking point. I was thinking today about all of the things that could be going through my friends heads and especially my family. I don’t think that they have found out if I’m positively dead due to the avalanche even though I’m alive. It kind of lets me see into the mindset of someone who faked their own death.


March 3, 2020


All I can hear are noises of annoyances, my dog whimpers, the rocks crumble, and the snow hardens into a thicker crust than it was yesterday. Of course I know because it’s all I do everyday except for sleep even though that’s hard considering the threat of spiders and snakes crawling through the cracks. This is what pains me closer and closer to death


March 5, 2020


A terrible thought popped in my head today, what if I had to eat my dog to survive?


It is morally wrong but I know he will eat me if I’m dead from starvation so might as well be a two way street. I have read that some cultures eat dogs, cats, and even horses. Even though he is my best friend he can boost my survival by 5 days but hopefully someone will save me before the 8th or else I’m screwed. Thank god for my Rolex or else I would of thought I have been in here for a month living on nothing like some kind of superhero.


March 7, 2020


I have been thinking of anything possible to try and let my dog live. I tried to think of miscellaneous things to eat such as mushrooms, but I couldn’t find any after searching for about half an hour. As I dream all I can see is grey, something different from the dark that haunts me and the white glow of the snow that keeps me in here like an incubator. What I see is heards of dogs eating out of my hand and it being enough and buffets of food, jubilant food. Food that you would only see fat people eat or little kids such as cookies, cakes, and other random sweets but their is always ice cream that I get to throw away just for the satisfaction of revenge, even if it is only fictional.


March 10, 2020


I can’t believe I did it, I actually ate my dog, poor Pete. I was just so hungry and I couldn’t handle it so I took my knife held him down and chopped off his head. Blood went everywhere as the fire made it look as an eerie laugh and made his eyes glow like a devil had possessed him. The meat was not as satisfying as I first thought but it keeps me away from starvation until the 14th. Pete if you are looking down on me just understand that I still love you and that in another reality I will face your wrath.


March 12, 2020


The meat gets more indulgent of my soul every time I eat it, which is what drives me over the cliff. All I can think of is that all of my final actions are completely horrid and the people who will dig me up one day will see that I did the possessed thing which is eating my dog. I hope they can see this video and see how I came to this conclusion. No matter what I say though it will never change what I did, which was eating my dog.


March 14, 2020


I struck the luck that has been missing all along!

A large tremble happened again which was first a moment of terror but then after the 30 seconds of shaking I looked around the room and saw that a new passage had opened up! I immediately search this cave after lighting a torch and saw it spawned into several systems, if only this happened last week. I found a small crate of vacuum sealed food and immediately fell to my knees in disbelief and guilt. How can I ever live with the fact that I ate my dog to live when more food was 20 meters away. I took the food back to my ‘home’ and sorted it out, seeing that I have 3 weeks worth of food to last me.


I’m pretty sure eating a domestic pet it a crime so if I ever am found I can be charged for eating a protected animal. I will bring all of his bones in a sack and take it down to the deepest of the system and cover it up with rocks, which may just save me from jail. Maybe in the process I can find a little more food and ration it out even further. The thing that made me the happiest was that I found a plaque with an inscription saying, “Cave system #2 of Mt. Crane”. That means that it will be undug eventually right?


March 16, 2020


The cave is so extensive it is almost a wonder to see and explore although others have been through on their own, the only good thing about that is that there are pathways throughout the whole system so it isn’t horrible to walk. The only thing that worries me is that I’m traveling in the dark with a small fire on a stick, which can get bad if the fire goes out or I fall on top of the fire and put it out by burning myself. Good news is that I found more food to last me until about this time next month so I have a fighting chance. It may be a good Idea to stop exploring for a little while though so that I can not risk hurting myself. I think I’m going to pack a snack tomorrow to eat if I get down really far and can’t make it back in time for dinner.


March 17, 2020


My worst nightmare came true today.


I was hiking down the 3rd path on the 2nd main cave at the starting three and it didn’t look like it was big enough to have trails run off of it so I was almost done with the 2nd lead off of the cave and I was already feeling glum because of that. Then I was walking down the trail observing the majesty of the stalagmites, stalactites, and the columns that have formed over the ages. All of a sudden I had just dropped which wasn’t exactly the best feeling in the world, but it was one that I can remember experiencing on the drop of a rollercoaster. I dropped for about 2 seconds and then BAM! I hit the ground.


I broke my left leg and lucky enough the torch rolled over and found some moss growing from the condensation and it lit up the surrounding area. I rolled to reach for my torch and I held it with my left hand as I observed how to get back to my base camp. Good enough that I was able to see that there were stairs about 10 feet from me and those could've seriously hurt me  but then again their was a small filling that looked to be about 5 feet deep full of water so I guess I didn’t get the best option either. It took me 45 minutes to get up the first flight of stairs and I was sweating for the first time in weeks, because it get’s really cold in caves on top of it being in the mountains.


I grabbed the snack out of my bag and engulfed it like a whale with shrimp after I was half way up. I decided that it may be best if I put my pack on my leg to where I can crawl on my knees up the stairs, which proved effective. The whole hike down here was upwards until you get to the second intersection so I was able to drag my but across the ground like my dog used to do, which made it all the worse than it was. The rest of the trail wasn’t near as challenging as the initial push up the stairs but I think I will need a little bit more of another meal to get back the calories that I have burned. I think I will just rest for a little while before I start to try and heal it.


March 19, 2020


My brace looks like it was made by a bunch of monkeys in king kongs forest. It is made out of twine and small rocks that hold it together with a leg brace I brought over my knee. I diagnosed where the break is, it is in my shin. It isn’t to bad just a small fracture and everything above my knee is fine so It won’t be a terrible recovery. I laid all of the food out about 7 feet away from me and I have the fire on hold for now until it gets really cold one night. So now I’m sitting in the dark, with a full belly and I not afraid of spiders crawling on me because I have killed probably 500 in the last week so it can’t get much worse.


March 21, 2020


The most glorious noise came overhead today around 1! I heard a helicopter flying through and hovering around me for about 45 seconds. I could feel the rocks wanting to fall down on eachother with the extra force from the snow being blown down. I think I have made it through the hardest trial of my life and all I have to do is just eat sleep and make sure I don’t kill myself. This is such a happy thought that I finally have something to dream about for a while.


Now I have to think about a story to come up with about my dog. I think I will say that he couldn’t make it to the cave so the avalanche engulfed him in all of the snow and rocks so that he is still dead but not from the way I have killed him. I also have to come up with something to hide my Gopro but I have a spare hard drive I can upload all of these on and then I can hide for only my enjoyment and for someone of the future to see long after I’m gone.


March 23, 2020


I heard people walking around on top of the snow today, it was almost as if they were wearing cleats and walking in circles so maybe it was all of the digging team to get this cave to resurface. I was able to hear the wind a few minutes ago so maybe they removed a little bit of the packed snow. I have 3 weeks of food left so hopefully they won’t take an eternity to get in here. My waste is starting to gather up and the smell is getting more pungent by the minute.


March 24, 2020

I heard voices today! I started to scream back at them telling them my name and my situation but I got no reply. I think that the sound of the drills, pulleys, and the environment were all factors in them not hearing me. I was wondering what they will think of me when they see me. I will probably smell like cave man and by hair and new beard will be really grungy. I am going to wear my cold weather clothes tomorrow just to prepare for them coming in and a blast of cold and sunlight bursting through at the same time.


April 1, 2020


It happened! I was finally saved! It is such a relief to be able to buy food at any time and go to a hospital if I break my leg. Speaking of which they careflighted me off to Virginia Beach to be evaluated and I have some minor parasites but other than that I’m fine. They put me on a Psychological evaluation and they judged me as a thinker more than ever so I guess it did leave an effect on me. I was on every major news channel for interviews on how I survived and went through my trek and I wanted to tell them so bad that I have these video logs but I checked on it and I will be in jail for 5 years if they found out I ate my dog. I was gifted another dog by a friend since everyone bought my story of him being consumed in the snow that was tumbling.


My leg should be healed up in the next 2 weeks, the doctors said I did a great job on how I made the cast for my leg. They put me in a dull colored cast so I wasn’t easy to spot because a few people have been looking at me funny. I looked at my face in the mirror and it was almost as if I saw a pre evolved me. As soon as I was able to I went to get a haircut and a shave, then I got my nails cleaned up and I feel like a new person. My family called me and they said that they are so glad that I’m alive but they did put out a missing person notice for me for 2,500$ so the diggers on site made some extra bank money.

I will never forget this journey that I have experienced and hopefully after I die it will resurface so everyone can know the true story.

The End

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