GEN-X:Return of the DemonlordMature

Thousands of years ago there was a great war between the Daemons and the Gods.The Daemons were more powerful than their enemys and eventually pushed them back to their last fortress.The Gods were on the verge of defeat when something happened.The Daemon general,Gen-X,destroyed himself in a fiery explosion which resulted in the Daemon army being defeated.Nobody knows why he did it.Now,thousands of years later a boy named Gen- Xon is unaware that he has a great destiny.........

Ten thousand years ago

Diary of Jaastla,king of the Gods

I fear that the time is upon me.The Daemon Horde is assualting our walls even as I write this.We have lost general Kestoss.He died this morning.Now that he is dead our soldiers have been disheartened.We have sustained heavy losses while our enemys have sustained almost none.The fortress is about to fall.I must write quickly.The Daemons number in thousands while we barely make three hundred.We must---.Oh no.The bastards are in the fortress.Damn them.Damn that bastard Gen-X.If this is the last stand of the High Gods then we'll make those bloody monsters remember it.

''We are in the fortessssss my lord,'hissed an Arch-Daemon.Gen-X smiled.His burning red,spiky hair was even brighter than usual.He picked up his Hell-Sword and walked out of his tent,his Arch-Demon following close behind.The smell of brimstone filled his nostrils.He sniffed loudly.How lovely it smelled.He would miss it.He raised two fingers and the Arch-Demon bowed and retreated into the tent.Gen-X smiled again,his unnatural white teeth flashing.His eyes kept changing from red to white to blue.His dark suit of armour shifted slightly,as if it was alive.His black cloak trailed behind him.The stench of death was heavy in the air.The Master Daemonlord's gauntlets glowed and the general lifted of the ground,heading towards the fortress.

Daemons were swarming all over the fortress.The Gods fell like flies.The Daemons cut through them.Gen-X watched this with satisfaction.He landed on a ledge and took one last look at his army before fading away.

The Doorless room.What a stupid name,thought Gen-X,as he appeared in it.There were no doors.Instead,there were inscriptions all over the walls.Gen-X could read them.He had finally reached his destination.He walked to a wall and started to read.Now he would know of the origins of the Gods and the Daemons.He grew tense as he read on.Then he stopped.His eyes narrowed and his mouth opened in horror.It was impossible.It couldn't be.No.Please no.NO.NO.He screamed out the last word.The whole room glowed red.Then Gen-X,leader of the Grand Army of Hell and one of the five Master Daemonlords,exploded.

Outside the fighting had stopped.The Daemons were looking up at the sky,there faces twisted,as if they were in agony.Then they started to fade.As the Gods looked on,Hell's Army dissappeared.But their last thought was of Gen-X,their general.He had betrayed them.He would pay.Somehow,Someway,he was going to pay.


The End

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