Dark Room

The room I came up into was pitch-black. I stood in front of the enter hole, waiting for my eyes to adjust. In a few seconds, my pupils expanded farther than any normal humans'. Here, let me give you guys an example.

My pupils before:   .     .

Now:     O    O

Sounds creepy and painful but it's pretty cool and useful. And my eyes were built for this so it's painless.

I guess you guys don't really care about pupils, do you... Sorry if I bored you.

Now I could just barely see, and  I searched the room. It seemed to extend into darkness in all directions.

Footsteps. My acute hearing locked on to the sound. I computed that the weight of the source was approximately 150, 170 pounds. Size 12 shoes.

I turned in the direction. Now I saw a bald man emerge from the shadows. He pulled something out of his jacket's inside pocket. I couldn't quite see it...

A gun.


"You shot me???!" I screamed and gaped at the bleeding hole in my stomach.

The End

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