I jogged to the split in the maze. Two roads. One led away from the center. One led to it. In a few seconds I thought it over that the one that led away usually contained the correct route and the one that led to usually happened to be all dead ends. I sighed, and just concentrated as hard as possible on that center. I ran off, taking all random turns.

Five minutes of running went by and I hadn't reached a dead end yet. I hoped this was a good sign.

Then, at exactly 5 minutes and 46 seconds, I reached the center. Okay. Now where was the step to the next test? It appeared that nothing was here, other than the "I Quit" button. I looked upward. There was a platform, above the tops of the high walls. It was connected to a ladder that led to a hole in the ceiling which was earlier obstructed from my view because of the walls.


Jumping was worth a try. I leaped up, and instantly flung up in the air. This was way higher than any human could jump. I alighted on the platform and started up the ladder.


"My goodness," a doctor exclaimed. "The time it took for one of us to even finish the maze was thirty minutes."

The End

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