Kicking Down the Door, Mutant Style.

Gathering up a little strength, I threw my foot at the door. No. Through the door, at the doorknob/lock area. The door flung open. I heard the squealing of office chairs as the scientists rolled down the corridor where they watched me behind their mirror.

"Okay, Alice. Same rules as before. Please just try to refrain from breaking down any walls, okay? This took us a while to set up." Doc said.

The room was bigger than the other two. They probably could both fit in this room. I was in a corridor that turned at 90 degrees to the left in 10 yards. The walls stretched high above my head. I saw cameras on the ceiling that the scientists monitored me from. "Now, Alice. Try to find your way to the square room in the center that holds the step to the next test. Starting.... Now."

I heard a bell ring, and I ran forward. They were timing me. I'm feeling a lot more like a guinea pig than a specially engineered human at this point, I thought wryly.

The End

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