Door Three

Using my new key, I opened up door three. Excitement. Two robots rolled out. Each one's bottom half was one big ball that they swiveled and rolled forward on. Their tops were square with soft edges and were topped off with arms and a small black hole where a camera probably was.

Really? This was simple, especially because my IQ was starting to kick in. I quickly ripped a small chunk from the blue mats that were on the floor and slid it in the wheel joint of one robot as it swung its arm at me. I backed up and only had a moment to see it struggle to move before I went at the next which was surprisingly still. How was this a challenge?

Hey. You know those little black holes that I thought were for cameras? Well, when I got within a yard of that guy, a laser shot out. Yeah. A laser.

Now I found the challenge.

I dodged the lasers now coming from both of them as my mind booted out another game plan. Done.

I pulled the first key out of my pocket, the one that was nice and shiny. At the next laser, I threw it in front. The laser singed right through it. Not shiny enough. I lead them back to the mirror.

One laser went right by me, and hit the mirror. YES! It left a black spot, but it bounced back and got the robot right in the face! The same happened to the other.

I ran into the third closet and found a door. I tried all keys in it but none fit. Great. I destroyed the key that did fit.

The End

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