Door Two

I opened up the next door, marked with the number two. Two muscular men in a similar getup as the women leaped out. One charged at me. Without hesitation, I fell back to the floor and let my slender body slip right between his legs. Seriously, these people were no match for me.

They both came at me at once. I sprung up with a backflip and managed to get the one guy in the face. He stumbled backward, and I took the advantage and jammed my fingers into a pressure point on the other's neck, and kicked him away in the stomach.

They came again at once again so I leaped up with a spin, stuck my legs out, and hooked them both in the face. They fell to the ground, defeated, and exited the same way the women did.

Like before, I inspected the room through the door I just opened, and found another key. Jeez, I had a lot of keys.

The End

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