Door One

I did as he said, and entered that room. There was another one-way-mirror, only this time on the right of the room, so all they had to do was turn around their chairs. Lazy scientists.

This room was a bit more spacious than the other, with mats on the floor. There were three doors, each with keyholes, at the far end.

"Okay, Alice. Open the doors and try to get through each test behind it. Same rules as last time." Dr. Brimmer said over the loudspeaker.

I went up to the door with a small sign announcing that it was door one. I jiggled the doorknob to see if it was unlocked, and when I found it wasn't, I used the key. Perfect fit.

When I opened the door, two women in black karate outfits and with black belts on charged out. I nearly laughed. This was a test? I grabbed one's shoulder with the hand farthest away from it, kneed her somewhat lightly in the stomach, (after all, they weren't really meaning to harm me) which took her off her feet and landed her face-down on a mat.

I slipped behind the other, kicked the backs of her knees so she lost balance, then kicked the backs of her feet so she fell back.

I had conquered door one. They got up and exited the room through the door I entered. I went through door one. It was just a closet, but I found a white key on a table, probably part of the test. I took it.

The End

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