Test Number 1

Dr. Brimmer left the room. I observed my surroundings. There was a metal weight near the center the size of me, and probably twice my weight. There was nothing else.

"Okay, Alice, try to get the key," said a voice over a loudspeaker. "If you give up, just press the button by the mirror. Three, two, one... begin!"

I stepped over to the weight, firmly grasped as best as I could, then lifted it over my head. I placed it to the right of me.

There was a little compartment under where the weight used to be, and inside it a metal box. It was sealed, no weak spaces at all.

I thrust my hand through a side and ripped the box open. Sure enough, there was a skeleton key.

Dr. Brimmer's voice sounded weak with awe over the loudspeaker when it came on again. "Very good, Alice. Please exit the room, turn right, and enter the next door."

The End

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