Easy Morning

I woke up at 8:43 the next morning. In the dim nightlight I hadn't noticed the night before, I got out of bed and turned on the ceiling light.

This probably would be the only alone time I got for a while, so I might as well enjoy it. I went to the table and realized there wasn't a chair. Bummer. So I pulled it over to my bed.

My knees pressed against the bottom of the table when I sat down at it, but I didn't really mind. I picked up a pen and opened the blue notebook up to the first page.

Alice. I wrote in letters that took up two lines. I liked how smooth the flow of ink from pen to paper felt, so I wrote whatever came to mind.

My name is Alice.

Today is the third Wednesday of  March. It's 8:44. I've only been alive less than 24 hours.

I'm pretty sure that Doctor Brimmer is going to run tests of some sort on me today. Oh boy.

I closed the notebook and slid the desk back. The scientists probably wanted me to be as hygienic as possible, so I changed into my first real clothing. Surprisingly it all fit. The television was no interest to me, so I picked up a picture book and tested my reading skills.

It was 9:01 when Doctor Brimmer came in. I put down Little Women and followed him as he spoke about where he was taking me.

"Today we're just going to test your abilities, Alice. We'll be going to some rooms we set up while, for lack of better words, we created you."

We went through a door with no sign, and we entered a room with a couple scientists on the other side of an obvious one-way-mirror.

"Are you ready for your first test, Alice?" he asked.

I nodded my head.

The End

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