Day with the Doc

Doctor Brimmer, my apparent creator, spent the rest of the day with me, showing me around the lab I was created in. I never spoke one word.

I came to be at three forty-seven that Tuesday in March. (Yeah, my biological clock is pretty advanced.) So we went to the cafeteria first. As I followed Doc through the cafeteria to the back, where the food was, I noticed all the people in white coats' eyes popping out as they noticed me.

What? Haven't you seen a genetically enhanced 13 year old?

Surprisingly enough, I wasn't very hungry but I ate the sandwich Doc got for me so I could avoid any conversation. Hey, I only knew this guy for half an hour. What would I say? 'Hey. You created me. You know more than I do'?

I was wiped out by eight, and he could tell. So, he showed me into a plain white room with a plain white bed and a plain white ceiling light and a plain white dresser and a plain white table. The dresser didn't contain anything, but there was a television and a white t-shirt, jeans, and undergarments on the top. On the table, there were pencils, pens, notebooks, and a couple different sorts of books, including American classics, picture books, middle and high school chapter books, and a bulky unabridged dictionary.

Doc watched as I lifted the comforter, blanket, and sheet one at a time and tried to maneuver myself into the bed without having my dress thing flip up.

When I settled, I spoke for the first time in my life. My voice was crackly and raw. "What's my name?"

The question seemed to surprise Doc. "I don't really know. Do you have anything in mind?"

I tilted my head and thought for a moment. "Alice."

"Then your name will be Alice," He turned off the light and left, closing the door lightly.

The End

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