Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad BetMature

Genesis was walking back to the prison yard inspired playground after a sneaky fag at lunch when something hit her: it was nearly fifth period. And what did she say she might do fifth period?

"Oh fuck."

"You're always swearing, Genesis."

She turned. Coming up behind her was Danielle, self proclaimed physics genius but all round asshole in reality, obviously just coming back to school from her venture down the street for lunch.

"Yeah," Genesis replied, falling into step beside her. "I guess that's kind of how I roll."

Danielle shrugged, chewing on some Jelly Tots without a care in the world. Genesis scowled at her. How could one person be so happy all the time?

"How the hell can you be so happy all the time?" she blurted out.

Danielle looked shocked. "What do you mean?"

"You're always fucking smiling!"

Danielle grinned.

"You're doing it again!"

She turned away and was silent for a moment, then finally said, "can you keep a secret?"

"Yeah, I guess," Genesis said, slightly subdued by this sudden change in attitude.

Danielle slowly turned back. Her face was filled with a sudden sadness, filling Genesis with a sudden concern.

"Jesus Christ, are you alright?" Genesis asked, concerned she'd touched on something a little out of her depth.

Danielle suddenly grinned. "Oh, Genesis, I'm fine, but that's because I'm not crushing on my fucking PE teacher."

Genesis went white.

"Yeah, I know."

"Who else knows?"

"It's pretty obvious, Gen'..."

To say "fuck" was the only word to describe the situation is a little crude, but I'm afraid it really is the only way. Genesis stood there, just inside the gates of the school grounds, white as a sheet and wondering just how many people had figured it out. How many of her friends knew? Her classmates? The staff? Did they know? Was it that obvious that she was constantly staring at his fine piece of ass?

"Well, I think it's obvious anyway," Danielle continued, "but I tried discussing it with Nathan and he totally didn't agree..."

She relaxed; not everyone thought it was obvious. Things weren't so bad then. She could kind of relax, let herself settle down and stop checking him out all the time. If she could just slowly ease off, then maybe she could fight this. And then, before she knew it her mind was filled with thoughts of him again as the bell rang and she realised that she had fifty minutes of possible visiting time. Danielle offered her good byes and ran off, overly excited for a double period of Physics, leaving Genesis all alone with her ridiculous, over-analysed thoughts and obsessions. Slowly she stumbled her way to the library and sat herself strategically at a table so she could watch out the window that looked out towards the PE department. A few teachers crossed between the buildings, but Mr Taylor wasn't one of them.

With a sigh, she got out the homework due for tomorrow which he'd inquired about earlier. She had just a couple of questions left, and began to work through them, trying her best to concentrate fully and to not let her mind slip to those well toned, tanned legs which he so often left on show, just teasing and tempting her, just begging her to look at them.

And when she realised that it was hopeless to try and forget about him, she just gathered up her stuff and her thoughts and headed out of the library, throwing herself directly into the one place she wanted to be more than anywhere else right now.

But when she got to the other building she found herself cursing loudly. The doors were locked. Of course, because for some goddamn reason locking the doors between the buildings was somehow a good idea, even though the perimeter was secured with locked gates anyway. She knocked loudly on the window and tried to peer into the staff base to see if anyone was there, but the blinds were closed. For all she knew, they could all be teaching out on the playing fields, and she had no chance whatsoever of getting in. She spun on the spot, staring at the other building and wondering whether she should just make her way back over when the door opened behind her.

"I was wondering when you'd get here," Mr Taylor said, grinning and holding the door open for her.

She thanked him and entered, ducking under his arm and entering into the cool air of the PE block. She turned and waited for him to close the door, expecting him to direct her to the classroom, or maybe invite her into the staff base to work quietly. But he didn't. He just smiled at her for a moment, and then took a sharp inhale, as if realising what he was doing. She smiled back at him, somewhat hesitantly. How far could you push this thing without it becoming creepy and, well, unsuitable for a school environment?

He pointed towards the classroom and explained that all the other classes were out on the playing field or the Astroturf and that they wouldn't be disturbed here. He closed the door behind him, and Genesis couldn't help but note all the blinds were closed, casting the room into a warm, filtered sunlight glow.

"So, what do you need help with?" he finally said. His voice was somewhat raspy, and he quickly made his way to the desk and grabbed a bottle of water, taking a hefty gulp from it.

She smiled and explained, keeping her words deliberately short, brief and saying no more than she ultimately needed to.

They both knew that one word too many would be the wrong word, and the wrong word would result in the wrong thing happening, and the wrong thing happening could result in so much more than just problems between them. It was never an isolated problem.

Genesis spread her sheets on the desk in front of her, pointing here and there as she spoke, and Mr Taylor came round, standing behind her and watching as her smooth limbs darted about the table. Her voice was controlled, quiet, but there were undertones there that he couldn't quite place. He found himself reaching out, touching, as she did, to the points he was mentioning. Who knew explanations could be so fucking sexy?

And then, in an oh so cheesy overdrive cliché moment, they both touched on the same point. Quite literally. And as their hands touched, only for a split second, an intense lust registered in Genesis' mind. He was the first to pull his hand away, only moments after they had even touched. She couldn't help it. Now that she knew the electricity in her touch she was yearning for it like she never had before. Once you know something - once you know how good it is - you want it all the more.

But they both knew that staying there was treading water that neither was ready for. A silence swept over them, and Genesis decided to be the man of the situation. She gathered up her papers, made her excuses about remembering she was due to see another teacher about something else, and made her way out of the classroom. As she opened the door, she turned to look back at Mr Taylor. He was standing there, watching her. And when their eyes connected, Genesis made an effort to snap the door shut, because if she didn't get out, there and then, she'd probably do something she would regret.

What she didn't know was that later she'd regret even going there in the first place, let alone leaving there so suddenly.


The End

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