Here Comes MaryMature

To be blatantly honest, it was kind of obvious to see what Genesis saw in Mr Taylor. He was easy to mock, but took it like a star. He was a pretty decent teacher, and was lenient with deadlines (usually because he couldn't remember when he set them for though). Oh, and he had a cute ass and some epic guns.

It was a week in, and Genesis was actually finding herself enjoying higher PE. There was plenty of in class banter, and she found her aim wasn't quite as bad as she expected. She didn't dare admit it to anyone though that her main interest in the class was Mr Taylor. He would recline back in his office chair, spouting off stuff. Genesis found herself somehow soaking it all in, despite the fact she was utterly distracted the majority of the time. It was insane.

Her other classes weren't necessarily as fun. Higher Maths was a cinch, though she didn't dare say this to the struggling Shannon. It was her own fault she failed last year though, even Genesis could see this. Everytime Mrs Thomas said anything, Shannon switched off - completely through choice. Mrs Thomas was a total dick, but she was a decent enough Maths teacher. Advanced Higher Biology was alright, though relatively uneventful. The only thing that ever made her think of the class outside of the actual classroom was when Shannon mentioned "how dashing Mr Rowan was looking". Genesis didn't see it, personally, but she wasn't really into the tall, Yorkshire Biology teacher type, unlike Shannon. Crash higher Physics was amusing though. She was mildly lost. All this talk of resistors and energy and whatnot wasn't quite making sense, but an unlikely hero had appeared. Danielle liked to think of herself as a bit of a Physics boffin (really, she was just a dick) and had taken it upon herself to tutor Genesis. Although it was annoying, Genesis began to understand things quickly, and found herself actually thanking Danielle for being the annoying bitch she was.

And before you could even say, "Danielle is an annoying bitch" several weeks had passed, and the October holidays were nearly upon them. Genesis was reclining in the library, talking to Shannon about their plans for their fortnight break, when a certain someone appeared in the library again. It was the first time Genesis had seen Mr Taylor in the library since that first day back (she was sure the books intimidated him). He stood there, leaning on the wall beside the photocopier, hairy legs on show and everything. Genesis was distracted.

"So, yeah, I think it was a complete shame - Gen', are you even listening to me?"

Genesis shrugged.

"At least you're honest..."

Shannon shuffled into the seat next to Genesis, following the path of her gaze. Suddenly Shannon gasped, clutching her hands together and looking expectantly at Genesis.

"Mr Taylor?" she asked.

Genesis looked at her friend. "Don't be ridiculous," she scoffed, a little too quickly, a little too much venom. She'd been caught.

"It's okay," Shannon began saying. "I know how it feels. I mean, Mr Rowan has that really pert ass and I can't help it, you know, so I kind of get where you're coming from and I totally understand that it might feel, like, a bit awkward, or something."

"Please stop talking," Genesis sighed.

"No, you need some form of distraction. I know you, Gen', and I know that if you're not careful you'll just end up jumping him. And that's not cool - look but don't touch, girl, he's your teacher. I mean, like, he grades you. You might fail or something..."

Genesis scoffed. "So you care more about the prospect I might fail than the prospect he'd probably lose his job over it."

"Uhm... yeah? I guess. I don't know."

Genesis scowled and stood up, walking to the rows of senior fiction. What she didn't realise was that she was inadvertently moving closer to Mr Taylor. She circled round, running her fingers over the spines of books, perusing the titles for something that would take her mind off of that nice piece of man meat... American Psycho - yeah, that'll do. She quickly flicked to somewhere near the middle of the book, opening at a particularly gory scene. Patrick Bateman was just about to enjoy himself and-

"Hey, Genesis, you get that homework done?"

She spun on the spot. Fuck.

"Uhm, not quite, sir. Still got a couple of questions."

He smiled, a goofy, kind of adorable smile which showed his slightly yellowed, slightly crooked teeth off. "Good stuff. If you need any help just come over and ask."

"Yeah, cool. Thanks. Uhm... I might do that later or something..." She was grasping for anything - something that would end the conversation, or perhaps extend it even...

He looked thoughtful for a moment, something which Genesis enjoyed fully. "I'm free fifth period, if you need me. I mean, that'd be pretty convenient. For me, I mean."

He seemed flustered, but Genesis just smiled, muttered a "thanks" and stood there feeling utterly awkward. They looked at each other for a moment, then he reached for his photocopying and waved it at her.

"See you later, maybe then," he said, smiling and making a hasty exit.

Of course, at this moment Genesis began to question why he would make a hasty exit, why he'd be so insistent on inviting her over to the department if she needed help, why he was so adamant she come when he was free. Of course, maybe he was just being a good teacher, maybe he was just trying to do his job properly. But, of course, there are always ulterior motives for everything these days.


The End

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